Friday, December 02, 2005

Magic in Photography!

Category: Fashion
Agency: 1 pointsize
Client: Perri Alley
Headline: Crafted From Nature
Country: INDIA

This campaign picked up about 10-15 International Awards last year and was done by 1pointsize. An agency owned and run by Mr. Sharad Haksar. Chennai's hotshot photographer who weaves magic and creates stunning ads time and time again. His agency was awarded the agency of the year at the Chennai Ad Club Awards in 2005. Most of his work features absolutely stunning photography. This campaign is truly brilliant for the idea and the way it has been executed.


யாத்திரீகன் said...

that was a really cool shirt :-)

eventhough the 2nd one looked a bit artificial, the first and the last were just telling exactly what the caption was meant for..

but, i still remember couple of Ad's of another fabric company, Ad's for thier shirts, and those shirts would have been made out of sea sand, leaves, bamboo.. etc.. and i think those were in chennai Ad Hording boards by around 2003..


iuack said...

Guys...aren't you bored with VISUAL PUN?
We are CREATIVEs not illusionists!