Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Alter-Ego by Bournvita

Ogilvy, Mumbai is the agency behind this campaign for a health drink named bournvita. Sure to work with the kids because I know how badly I wanted to be Superman when I was Six! To see my name in that font would have been like cloud nine. This one should be extended into a Direct Mailing Exercise where the message is customised so that each could feel as great and try the Bournvita Power! I think it would work well, what say you??


Thinks Heyz said...

I like the idea.
If I were a kid i would be very excited but then be disappointed cos Bournvita won't make Sriram into Superman. And then i would be really pissed.

Anonymous said...

Man. It makes my laugh so much. Funny stuff. Wish it was mine. :)

Manish said...

very nice ads...although i dont know whether it would be ethical to promise such stuff to kids!

sandeep, just discovered your blog...Really like it...cheers

oreo said...

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