Friday, March 10, 2006

The Cancer Stick!

For ages, advertising has tried to convince mankind about the ill effects of smoking. Here is yet another campaign that tries to do it in another way. The headline here reads something to the effect of "Smoking is equally disgusting". I don't know the agency that did this campaign. Does it put you off or do you think it works. I'm quite confused myself.


Amy said...

Hey Sandeep,

I love this campaign, thanks for introducing it. I´ve looked it up since, and comes from Lisbon launched last October for to announce No Smoking Day, by Brandia Novodesign for the Portugese Cardiology Foundation.

It reminds me a little of the APG case to promote non-smoking among teenage girls. What I love about these ads is the use of famous Portugese models and how surreal the ads are.

Great blog by the by.


Aurelius said...

One way for advertising to distinguish itself is to use the trick of exaggeration and shock and exploitation of that which is taboo. I happen to think smoking is disgusting and lumping it with these images which are also very disgusting is good. In fact, it's worse because smoking affects those around the smoker, whereas these people doing disgusting things can be avoided by merely looking away. Looking away from a smoker still causes harm.

/ Denver /

Gotinha said...

It's here from Portugal!!!

Jonas K. Sekamane said...

It didn't work for me. It's not disgusting, or maybe it's just presented it in the wrong way. The "dirty" art direction confuses, instead of supporting the message.

Here is a disgusting ads that works.