Saturday, April 22, 2006

Toronto Super-Hero!

Here's an interesting campaign to keep the streets of Toronto clean.
Copy: You may not be able to leaptall buildings, but in 20 minutes you can help rid our streets of litter. Join Mayor David Miller april 21 at 2 p.m. to clean up our community. Pick up your litter bag and glove at participating pizza pizza or Tim Hortons locations. VIA


dharmatmaa said...

Hey Sandeep,
On planet 'TwentyFour' everyday is an eyeopener. Thanks for your efforts Sandeep. Keep it up.

We had a small query. How do we post our ads on your website. Can we post our unreleased work for evaluation?

Please send information to:

cipher said...

Hi Dharmatmaa!

Thanks for the support. You can mail me your ads at or

Yes! you can send me unreleased ads if you want to share them with the planet out there!

Cheers...have a great day!