Friday, June 30, 2006

BBC does an Ariel!

This campaign for the BBC reminded me of this one done for Ariel in India by Saatchi & Saatchi. I also get the feeling that the frames used in the BBC campaign are not as dramatic as they could have been. I guess the choice of available images could have been the problem here. Good effort though!


Yonatan said...

The media is the same - street corner, but once it invented anyone can use it without being called a copier.
Good work here - very relevant

Kapil said...

Hi Sandeep, I mirror your opinion. The images were not dramatic at all. But then again knowing BBC I am sure they would have a much larger collection of photos.

Todd W. said...

ONe would think that with a tag line like "See Both Sides to The Story" the photography would be more innovatively split from left to right to actually contain two sides of a story (duh), but these images tell stories that are mostly slanted in one direction.

But it is the BBC after all. Who says there isn't truth in advertising?

paga said...

really cool photos