Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Fresh Work from Fitness One

A recent campaign we did at 'be positive 24' for a health and fitness club named Fitness One. The campaign was spread across outdoor and print media in the cities of Bangalore, Chennai and Coimbatore. The main aim of the campaign was to inform public about the benefits of working out.


Anonymous said...

very poorly written COPY. I have matured and been conditioned enough to believe and understand that there are so many external impediments in releasing a good work. but i don't that it was the case with this campaign.
NOT IMPRESSIVE. I believe you can do much much better.

Anonymous said...

i'm not going to be a dick like the other poster but I think the visuals is good enough punchline by itself.

the fine print is anticlimatic.

Goopopp said...

Yeah, I do agree so. I just feel like the copy is still not clean enough - maybe the writer should take more time writing the copy to avoid confusing.

cipher said...

Thank You dear gentlemen! You're feedback is appreciated. Shall try to do better!