Saturday, June 10, 2006

Sexy Burgers??? Ouch!

Well I have no clue if this is spec work, unapproved work, scam work or released work. Even better I have no clue who did it! So please get those reactions in. Sex and Food, i know some people who find that putting off, are you one of those??
Imagine the same ad with the headline Sexy Burgers with Extra Mayonnaise...any better?? And finally, for ages advertising has used women and their bodies as Sex Symbols...something I personally don't appreciate too much! But what I'm curious is what the women feel about this? Women out there, do you have a voice...use it!


rach said...

well.. i wud definitely wanna meet the creative team behind it. Guess some1 should tell them the main purpose of advertising i.e. To sell.. kinda curious to know about their sales ! its sorta disgusting.. i wouldnt even wanna think about eating a burger after this campaign..

Ankur said...

i wud say sometimes the geographics govern the advt, to u it may seem vulgar or offensive, but i think in america they wud find it tantalizing..Women dont mind having big brests and guys sure dont mind takin a go at them ;-)

mzchief said...

Based upon their adverts, I would make a conscious decision NOT to EVER be a customer.