Sunday, July 16, 2006

Strength of Teeth Again!

Yesterday, I posted exactly the same idea for another brand of toothpaste and it is back again!! This guerilla idea was done by Rediffusion DY&R for Colgate! Advertising can be funnier than you think it is.


Anonymous said...

Jus' one doubt... are you still 24...? Will u change the title of your blog if u become 25? Anyways... Great going there...!

sanjay said...

Hi....i like ur blog and am regular visitor of it....but for last couple of days ur blog entry pictures are not appearing in my blogreader ( curious, did u happen to make any change in the way u post an entry.

cipher said...

Hey Anonymous!

I'm 25 now and 26 isn't very far away too! Hmmm...I don't see my blog title changing...I kinda love 24!

Have a gr8 day...cheers!

cipher said...

Hi Sanjay,

Thanks for the support. I haven't made any changes in the way posts are made...I'm surprised bloglines isn't showing pictures, I wonder what the problem could be?

Anonymous said...

hey can i please know whos the person behind this ad, or frm which site did you got this, or who's the agency behind this ambient.

cipher said...

Hi Anonymous,

This ad was done by Rediffusion DY&R, Mumbai/Delhi (not entirely sure). The ad was sent in VIA e-mail. I shall try and source credits for you. Cheers!