Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Bamba Footwear

I like the technique used in this campaign for Bamba Shoes. I've seen a similar execution where fingerprints where used to create faces. I think Bamba is from South America but I couldn't be sure...If you know the agency or the country where these were made, do leave a comment!


Daniel said...

Agency: Lew Lara
AD: Carlos Nunes / Marco Versolato
CW: André Laurentino / Emiliano Triervelier
DC: Jaques Lewkowicz / Marco Versolato

And yes, bamba is brand from Brazil.

Daniel said...

Hey man, i almost forgot.
You can grab this infos in the site: (Creative Club of São Paulo)
But for this you will need to learn some portuguese.

But if you click in the NOVO buton in the right side you will see a lot of ads. And some of these are great.

Cheers from Brazil.

Anonymous said...

This ad is from Brazil.
agency: Lew Lara

Anonymous said...

que blog tan magnifico que tenes la publicidad es universal de ingles no se nada pero eso anucios son realmentes muy buenos bay colombia

cipher said...

thanks daniel and anonymous and anonymous!

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