Thursday, August 10, 2006

Can You Explain This?

This campaign by Saatchi & Saatchi, U.S.A. for 42 Below Vodka won 6 Gold Lions at the Cannes 2006. I somehow fail to understand the idea behind it. Can you explain what's the idea here??


Cyhwuhx said...

.::: I think they are meant to 'signify' what happens when you add vodka. Told in icons.

The first set seems to be a rather implicit reference to Brokeback Mountain for example. Clever.

spinova said...

I believe this shows sequences of happenings in a person's life during a day! But what are they trying to say? Is it that Vodka will make you succeed???

Anonymous said...

these are sequences about what happens when youa add that vodka.

it's about the power of this specific vodka and the crazy things that can happen

Anonymous said...

these are sequences about what happens when youa add that vodka.

it's about the power of this specific vodka and the crazy things that can happen

duda said... This is the website of the designer.

duda said... This is the web site of the designer.

Anonymous said...

They don`t need any explaining!!

ckh said...

You should really have better quality images to be able to tell what is going on. They are basically little funny stories involving vodka told in icons.

ie: In the third one, two people meet in a bar, go to one of their houses, get undressed and the man discovers that the woman has a... well, you can see the pictures.

mzchief said...

I find it difficult to believe these adverts are FOR 42 Below Vodka since they depict some of the unfortunate sexual experiences that can happen due to alcohol.

The first advert implies that even if two men are "manly" cowboys when you put 42 Below Vodka into the mix while they are on the range they will share a tent and sleeping bag and end up having a sexual encounter. This advert obviously references the film "Brokeback Mountain".

The second indicates a man and woman drinking in a pub drinking 42 Below Vodka get together take a taxi to a motel, go to bed in seconds he orgasms and falls asleep, leaving the woman to "tickle" the ahhhh uhhhh "kitty/pussy" (crude reference to female genitalia)resulting in her having an orgasm thus finishing the sexual experience.

The third advert indicates a man drinking 42 Below Vodka in a pub gets together with someone he believes is a woman, leaves with "her" for a sexual encounter only to find out when "she" removes "her" undergarments "she" too has a "cock" (crude reference to male genitalia."

The fourth indicates a man drinking 42 Below Vodka and gambling in a casino wins a wheelbarrow load of money only to wake up with a horses head in his bed. It is a reference to the film "Godfather" indicating that the man in the advert has angered the mafia.

The fifth advert indicates a man is in a hotel/apartment with nothing better to do than watch television, drink VAST quantities of 42 Below Vodka and make a telephone call for "phone sex" uses the lotion and tissues to facilitate his masturbating all the while the phone call is being listened to by "Uncle Sam" (reference to the United States) who also masturbates.

The sixth advert indicates what happens when a man drinks 42 Below Vodka at an office party and uses the copy machine to take a picture of his nude bum. I was unable to clearly see the last two panes and completely figure out what happened to the man after "time passed."

If these types of things happen when someone drinks 42 Below Vodka WHY would ANYONE drink 42 Below Vodka?

Jon said...

if you don't get these then you don't get the brand

they're bloody brilliant

cipher said...

thanks for the help guys, and jon, anonymous not everybody is as brilliant as you are! if u want to be rude, find another blog...thanks!