Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Curtains From New Zealand

Thanks to Chris Hunter for sending in the latest ambient campaign from Draft New Zealand. It’s an installation that’s gone up in shopping malls for Curtain Bank, a charity that is sponsored by one of our main clients, the power utility company Genesis Energy. The image of the child’s bedroom was behind a real window frame, revealing the uncomfortable reality of some homes in poorer parts of New Zealand.

The copy on the plaque reads: Nobody deserves this kind of exposure.
Curtains don’t just keep out prying eyes, they keep out the cold. Far too many Waikato families freeze because their homes are without curtains. So please, donate your old curtains and give warmth to a needy family.
Credits: Brand: Curtain Bank >> Agency: Draft, Auckland, New Zealand >> Creative Director: Chris Hunter >> Art director: Darryl Roycroft >> Copywriter: Graham Wiremu >> Photographer: Greg Semu >> Installation: Rocket Signtists

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