Thursday, August 17, 2006

the one second ads!

A cool new campaign by Duval Guillaume in Antwerp. I think the pop-art style combined wih the one second platform is a great combination for a campaign that can take multiple variations as you can see. via
Copy: “One second can determine your life. That’s why One Second launches the fastest mouth freshener ever. Within a second, the gel melts and disolves and it leaves your mouth with a long lasting freshness. You can find One Second at the store in the candy department, next to the mints and the chewing gums. - More information: - For fresh breath, think One Second.”
Client: One Second >> Agency: Duval Guillaume Antwerp >> Account Team: Katia Strauwen, Francesco Caccamese >> Creative Directors: Dirk Domen, Geoffrey Hantson >> Copywriter: Geoffrey Hantson >> Art Director: Dirk Domen >> Illustration: Seb De Roover >> Media: Dailies, magazines