Tuesday, October 17, 2006

MAGGI - The Golden Drum 2006!

The Golden Drum Awards were announced recently and here's a campaign for Maggi that's sure to raise a few eye-brows! Now come to think of it, here's a product that claims that women would be better off if they spent lesser time cooking and Maggi helps them do just that. I like the premise of the produc helping in preparing a meal quickly, but I don't like the approach at all.
I feel the only reason why women have not been as glorified as men is only because there are far too many MCP's out there who just won't give them their due! Well, it would be interesting to see if the women reading this post like this campaign or if it does offend them!

Agency: McCann Erickson, Bucharest >> Awards: Shortlist Golden Drum >> Advertiser: Nestle Romania >> Creative director: Adrian Botan & Alexandru Dumitrescu


drdentz said...

tcch tcch.
if this advertising, north korea is a cuddly bear.

off topic: seen the golden drum logo?
strangely similar to the AAAi (advertising agencies association of india) logo done by elsie nanji.

rip off? c'mon. she's way beyond that. no?

Anonymous said...

i second drdentz