Saturday, November 11, 2006

Ambi Pur Car - Singapore Motorshow!

On 10 November 2006, Singapore witnessed the retutn of the biennial Singapore Motorshow that showcased hundreds of dazzling new models and concept cars on display. But for those of you who cannot own the stunning Lamborghini Gallardo or the heart-stirring Aston Martin Rapide, don’t worry, just drop by the Ambi Pur booth and discover how the Ambi Pur range of car fresheners can make you delight in your car again.
Developed from real perfume essence and delicately blended by master perfumer Christina Sala and her team, Ambi Pur car fresheners create the perfect sensory experience for your car.To attract visitors to the Ambi Pur booth, a captivating advertising and promotional campaign has been created by Grey Global Group Singapore.


Anonymous said...

Pretty good ads...funny. For some reason I never really thought car fresheners like Ambi Pur were cool - maybe it reminds me of old taxis. But now I think I'll check them out.

Goran said...


AMBI PUR IS TOTALY SHIT, IT DAMAGE MY CAR INSIDE (A6 S Line) If you need I can e-mail or publish photos.

Best RGDS,