Saturday, December 09, 2006

The Naked Career with Sally Hogshead!

I don't know how many of you enjoy podcasts and audio interviews but I definetely do! Especially when I'm in the mood to listen a few words of advice and some fantastic revelations and experiences from some of the finest names in the communication industry. They make my iPOD so worth it!
The finest option I know is 'The Naked Career' hosted by the renowned Sally Hogshead. The Naked Career is a series of edgy, insightful conversations with those who work fearlessly.
Go over and enjoy this fantastic experience with interviews from names like Frank Scherma from Radical Media, Lance Jensen from Modernista!, Luke Sullivan from GSD&M, Nancy Vonk from Ogilvy, Toronto, Mike Hughes from The Martin Agency, Robbie Vitrano from Trumpet Advertising, Scott Goodson from Strawberry Frog, Avi Dan from Euro RSCG and Mark DiMassimo from DiMassimo and several others coming up. I'm sure it will be an experience you will enjoy thoroughly!

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