Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Vatsalya by Lowe Lintas!

Thanks to Mihir Dhairyawan for sending in this print ad for Vatsalya. A Mumbai-based charitable organization dedicated to the care and rehabilitation of destitute children.
Brand/product advertised: Vatsalya >> Advert title(s): Smileys >> Agency: Lowe Lintas >> Agency location (City, Country): Mumbai, India >> Creative Director: Shriram Iyer, Tasneem Ali >> Art Director: Mandar Wairkar >> Copywriter: Mihir Dhairyawan

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ram said...

hi sandeep, my name is ram. i stumbled upon your blog and noticed that once i click on the image, e.g. the vatsalya jpeg, another window opens that displays the image by automatically shrinking it to fit the screen. I have a blog too and i have been looking for a way to do just that. when i click an image on my blog, the image jus opens in another window and just stays as big as the original size of the image is. it doesn't shrink to fit. pls help me. let me know how to get this done. you could mail me at