Monday, April 02, 2007

J and J Sundown!

Just when you think you've seen so many cool guerilla innovations, there's another one that comes along and takes you by surprise. I like this innovation by J and J Sunscreen Lotion. A clever way to promote all their products, explain their benefit and to do it interactively at the same time. Very cool and very well executed too!


DK said...

The ad itself is definitely clever. But what distracted my attention was the lady who is testing the ad. I had a hard time to figure out where the stretched arm is coming from. It seemed like something was wrong with the photo or poorly manipulated. I realized that she is wearing two-tone garment that the left and right colors are different. haha.

Anonymous said...

Very good idea but a little bit old.

Anonymous said...

Amazing! Love your blog btw, I don't get to see so many innovative ads in my country. Thanks!