Thursday, July 26, 2007


This ad from Brazil reached my Inbox today. Does anyone have any idea what this is all about??


Kapil said...

A quick look at the website tells me that its a transport company. And I believe the ad says even ice-cream will reach you in perfect condition with us.

Fernanda said...

Is a deliveries express service in Brazil.

D.C. said...

The headline says: fast, but on time. (?!?)
And Jadlog, i believe, is a package delivery company like DHL i guess.

Annie said...

They seem to be promoting the speed of their package delivery, since the ice cream sent is still perfect.

Felipe said...

It‘s a nice idea. But, there is a quite similar
ad that already exists. See for yourself:

João said...


"Fast, yet on time." (which, frankly doesn't make musch sense)

"We cover over 240 points all over Brasil"

"Your delivery in 1st class"

I think this basicall is an awful ad.