Monday, August 20, 2007


Advertising Agency: Wieden & Kennedy >> Agency Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands >> Photographer: Carlos Serrao >>


vyzz said...

Played like a girl! PLAYED LIKE A GIRL!! wooooh woooh woooh...hold it right there....the one with the football fella, the copy is atrocious, its being gender biased and is demeaning to women. Its not a very cool thing to say.

Wieden + Kennedy you can do better than that!

Valandil said...

Hey there!

I've just recommended your blog in mine (, because today's Blog Day 2007.

What a blog! Keep doin' that great job.

cipher said...

Thank you so much for all the support and encouragement. I know I've been slow on posts off late but I promise to bounce back soon. Hope you continue enjoying the blog :)