Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Ads for the entire family!

Category: Life Insurance / Services
Agency: Unknown
Headline: At last someone thinks of the family.
Country: Unknown

I remember this campaign sweeping away loads of awards in 2002. I instantly loved the campaign for its very irreverent look at the whole point of Life Insurance. A same strategy that I see more often in Indian TVC's these days. Look at an SBI Life Insurance (old man and woman), a Kotak Mahindra TVC (money falling from trees) or many other ads and you will notice how much the Life Insurance Category has evolved over the years. These ads do the same thing in a very cool way. No wonder the Cannes, A One Show, a D&AD and a CLIO were awarded to this campaign.

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Chiqui said...

The agency that made this ad is Contrapunto (Spain)
Best regards