Thursday, March 30, 2006

Naaaaaaah! Don't call me FAT!

A cardinal rule when making an ad or a campaign or any communication: Don't tell the consumer that you are wrong or try to show him in a negative frame of mind. This campaign does exactly that. "Fat people don't want to be told that they are fat!" and that is the truth. Every fat person will tell you, don't tell me my problem, I know it and don't want it to be repeated.
This campaign by Ogilvy for Zaf Fitness Club is a pun on the word "Burn Fat" but I'm of the opinion that it would repel a large segment of the TG due to the light in which it potrays them. Trust me, nobody who's fat wants to be called it, let alone be hunted down and burnt! Well, sometimes it does pay to put your creative brains aside and think about what your consumer might think, coz it's the only thing that matters at the end of the day!

Coffee Wars in New Zealand!

Draft New Zealand created this ambient campaign for an Aukland coffee cafe, a market segment we're told is filled with many independents alongside giants like Starbucks.
Draft created and placed branded trashcans throughout the city that looked like coffee cups including a stir stick. We're also told Starbucks wasn't too happy one was placed outside its own store and several Starbucks employees ripped all the branding off that particular can. Well, looks like ad-wars are alive and kicking in Kiwi Land. VIA

Pages BBDO Direct Mailer

Thanks to Yaqui Nunez for sending in this Direct Mail Effort created by Pages BBDO and had to be implemented with an extremely low budget. The results speak for itself. It won a GOLD in the CARIBE festival which is a regional creative awards event for the Caribbean. Let's see how it does in the big ones.

Here are the credits for the campaign:

General Creative Director: Rodolfo Borrell
Senior Copywriter: Dilia Luna
Designer: Scarly Bidó
Agency: PagésBBDO, Dominican Republic
Category: Charities, public health & safety, public awareness messages

Kick Some Dirty Politician Arse!

Oh damn! I wish we could do this here in India. In Brazil, A new denim brand called Forum has just launched a new campaign that features models fighting corrupt politicians and cleaning up the country. It's a really nice platform to build a brand on.
Makes your TG want to wear it just because you speak for a cause. Lovely stuff and who on the planet does not wanna kick a politicians arse! Way to go Brazil, you guys are lucky to have such levels of freedom of speech and action. VIA

Laxative that really works!

Body Copy:
Ad 1) Before: 87 kg. After: 86.3 kg
Ad 2) Before 91 kg. After:90.3 kg
Ad 3) Before 40 kg After: 39.4 kg
Agency: Ogilvy, Mumbai
Superb! One definitive word to describe this idea for Dr.Morepen, a laxative from India. The campaign developed by Ogilvy, Mumbai is a little old but makes me want to stand up and applaud everytime I see it. Really nice work. This one rocks all the way!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Mid-Day Mumbai!

I really really love the way this campaign for Mid-Day has been art-directed. Ogilvy has really managed to capture so many little elements of Mumbai and India in such an interesting way out here. Really differently thought. It might not be fresh now, but when it was done almost 2 years ago, it was a real good one for its times. Supah!

Protect Your Head - FCB Ulka

FCB Ulka is gunning for some big metal at the Abby's Night on the 31st of March (Advertising Club of Bombay). This piece is one of their entries in the Public Service Category. The agency also promises to create an impact at the fest with 2 of its TVC's, Hari Sadu for and Punch for Tata Indica. What happens at the Abby's, well, its all coming very soon!

Beggar Boy from Grey, India

This really nice Guerilla Effort from Grey in India is sure to turn a few heads and hopefully members of the International Jury at the Ad Festivals. The effort for Childcare, India aims to help more than 20 Million Indian Children who beg on the streets each day. I love the fact that it depicts the true reality in the way we deal with them - push them away. Great use of medium and an equally amazing message too. Stunning work! VIA

Ariel Stains - Saatchi & Saatchi, India

O.K. People! Here it is...I guess this Guerilla Campaign for Ariel will be one of India's biggest contenders at Advertising Shows across the world. It has already won at the Asia Pacific Ad Festival and is a big contender at the Cannes and One Show Advertising Festivals this year. VIA

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Medication For Children!

The line that is struck out reads "keep out of reach from children". Agency: Unknown.

Drunk & Dead

It takes courage of another kind to say stuff as it is and strength that's equally brilliant to accept it. These ads may not have the best english or the finest words that could be used by what they do have is reality that hits one hard and think twice about drunken driving. What do you think??

Monday, March 27, 2006

ABC School of Cooking!

This is a funny campaign for the ABC School of Cooking. The campaign won an award at the Asia Pacific Ad Fest last year. I don't relly know which agency did this but its a really nice and refreshing idea. Memeorable, funny and well executed.

The Montana METH Project

The Montana Meth Project is an initiative to inform, educate and restrict the use of the deadly drug - Methamphetamine. A drug that has terrible side effects that last from 6 to 24 hours and lead to high agitation, violent behaviour and many other horrible side effects.
Methamphetamine use by young people in Montana is dramatically higher than the national average of USA and the majority of all drug-related federal sentences in Montana are related to methamphetamine; clearly indicating there is a meth epidemic in Montana.
These and a host of other facts have compelled leading professionals and organizations to form the Montana Meth Project, a community prevention effort aimed at the methamphetamine problem in Montana. More about this really horific drug out here!

Sombody Explain This! (Mature Content)!!

:: MATURE CONTENT: (Viewer Discretion Advised) ::
I think this is an ad that Talks about Prevention of Aids or Requests people to react against AIDS and has something to do with an elephant too. The baseline is in something in French and I can't seem to decipher the idea without it. Can anybody tell us what this ad is all about??

Keep it Clean!

An ad for Saforelle, a cleaning solution that helps your clothes get rid of odor! Agency: Unknown.

Deep Sleep Theory.

A press campaign by McCann Singapore for Deepsleep Sleeping Tablets. Nice Idea but I felt the execution could have even been better. And by the way, what's with logo's being so small that you hardly read them?? Are you trying to sell the product or what! Me is confused...

The Wendon from 1970!

A nice campaign from Le Coq Sportif range of Shoes. Agency: Unknown.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Big Bang - Bangalore Ad Club 2006

Last evening, Rediffusion Bangalore emerged the agency of the year with 6 golds, 2 silvers and 6 bronzes in their kitty. The agency that handles the creative duties of several national and international clients including Airtel, ING Vysya and several others beat Orchard, Bangalore who came a close second with 6 golds, 1 silver and 1 bronze.
Air Deccan emerged as the client of the year for their stunning TVC and press and outdoor campaigns that won awards across categories.
The awards night saw over 660 entries from several small and medium sized agencies. The campaign of the year was again bagged by Rediffusion for ING Vysya Life Insurance. Mantoo Bassi and Mohan Banda, both from Rediffusion, Bangalore were adjudged copywriter and art-director of the year!
The awards night saw more than 1000 people from the Bangalore Advertising & Media Fratenity being present at the Sheesh Mahal in the Bangalore Palace where the event was held.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Taekwondo Breaks!

More and more Guerilla work pouring in from across the world. I sometimes wonder if there's more Guerilla Work happening when compared to regular work. I also get the feeling that this is the medium invented by agencies to win awards easily and with minimum spending! Anyways, this Guerilla Piece was done by DDB Singapore for JH Kim Taekwondo Institute. Clever stuff! VIA

Bad Fit = Bad Feet

Bad Fitting Shoes could lead to Bad Feet in the Future. Intresting way of looking at ill-fitting shoes. Just that the execution puts me off a little bit.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Primary School Nursery Rhyme!

It's saddening that the World's Largest Selling Newspaper has to do advertising that resembles a primary school nursery rhyme! The Times of India has always done some brilliant work. I don't understand how somebody convinced them about something like this. Read it, scream your opinion loud!

Look out for a Volkswagon!

Thanks to Frederic Durand from Agence V (DDB Paris) for sending in a web-link for this lovely new commercial for Volkswagon. You can enjoy the commercial here! Like it??

Drinking Straws from Spain!

Today is World Water Day. To promote the day and increase awareness, Intermon Oxfam placed king size straws across the manholes of cities like Madrid, Barcelona and Zaragoza with the message “would you drink from this water? Thousand of people haven’t got other choice.” More info at The campaign is an idea of CP Proximity Live, Spain.