Tuesday, October 31, 2006

AIDS on the street!

Cup and a Cup!

Thanks to Elias Kouloures for sending in this cool new ambient medium idea for Wrigleys Extra Smile Chewing Gum. I think it will remind most people of a similar idea created for the Toronto Plastic Surgery Hospital created by DDB Canada posted below.

RMG Connect - The Ultimate Pleasure Xperience!

So are these Shocking? Bold? Blasphemous? Exciting? Attention Grabber? Opinions Invited! via

Monday, October 30, 2006

Lifesavers by Dentsu, Malaysia!

13 eme RUE!

If anybody knows - what 13th eme RUE is all about and who made this campaign for them, please leave a comment. All I know is that it has to do with the movies! More here: http://www.13emerue.fr/

The Home Centre - Can't Wait!

A fresh new campaign for 'Home Centre' by the Classic Partnership in Dubai. A nice idea where you love the furniture, curtains, beds, etc so much that you can barely wait for your home to be ready.

BMW Driving!

Headline: You never really stop driving a BMW. Agency: Unknown

Lord of War - Guerilla

A cool guerilla idea to promote the 2005 movie 'LORD OF WAR' starring Nicholas Cage and Directed by Andrew Niccol. The idea was executed at Video/DVD Rental Stores across Brazil. via


An interesting, bold and different approach to selling clothing by COJAK from Sweden. I guess these ads remind me of the men will be men campaign for a liquor brand in India, only that the expressions there are more typically male habits, typical male reactions to a good looking woman, etc while they are more radical and might put off a few people here!

Bishops Finger Ale!

These ads for Bishops Finger Strong Ale are a racy mix of suggestive headlines, revealing clothing and a good treatment/imagery considering that Bishops Finger is one of the oldest British Breweries. I guess the product is as great as the women are! via

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Wrigleys Recycle!

Thanks to Cosmin Simionescu from BBDO, Romania for sending in this ad for Wrigleys. Happy Recycling!
Brand/product: Wrigley Doublemint >> Advert Title: Recycle >> Agency: Graffiti BBDO Romania >> Website: www.graffiti.bbdo.ro >> Creative Director: Bogdan Mirica >> Art director: Cosmin Simionescu >> Copywriter: Dan Stanescu >> Illustrator, Photographer or other additional credits: Cosmin Simionescu

A Head Hunterz Bag!

Looks like the bags just keep coming one after the other again and again and again and again and again! This one is for a head hunter called The Career Builders from Ukraine. The agency involved is Leo Burnett. Thanks to Max Gladwell for sending this in.

Levi's Carbon Pressed Denim

After the tremendous success of their stick figure campaign, JWT India has come up with 2 more campaigns for Levi's. This latest effort is for their range of Carbon Pressed Denim. To see their previous campaign go http://sandeepmakam.blogspot.com/2006/09/fresh-work-from-levis.html

KODAK Rechargable Batteries!

Yet again a campaign from South Asia, this time it's Ogilvy & Mather, Malaysia that's coming up with the most refreshing and a slightly bizzare (I guess the Indian Word for it is 'haatke')campaign. I love these ads for Kodak Rechargable Batteries. A brilliantly executed campaign that we can surely expect to see at every ad fest very soon. To see more campaigns for batteries go here or here!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Royal Enfield!

Balay Anti-bacterial Refrigerators!

A new campaign for the Balay brand of refridgerators with an antibacterial system.
Agency: Tapsa, Madrid >> Country: Spain >> Creatives: Julián Zuazo (Executive Creative Director) >> Sebastián Blezowski / Eduardo Martínez - Gil (Creative Director) >> Gabriel Mahler (Art Director) >> Gabriel Mahler (Copywriter) >> Ernesto Soto (Art Director) >> Ernesto Soto (Copywriter) >> Other Credits: Photograf: Edu Diaz Bourgeot

Duracell Guerilla - Ogilvy, Delhi

Over-sized models of Duracell batteries were fitted in the boot space available behind passengers vehicles (bus, van, autorickshaw etc.). As they commuted daily through the city, it gave the impression that the vehicles were powered by Duracell.

Product: Duracell >> Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, New Delhi >> Country: India >> Creatives: Emmanuel Upputuru (Creative Director) >> Abhinav Pratiman (Copywriter) >> Rishi Chanana (Art Director)

Parisloft Whites!

Two cool ads for Parisloft Dental Clinic in Montreal, Canada where the corporate philosophy is "we hate yellow"!

Martial Arts Week - NGC

In order to promote the Martial Arts Week by the National Geographic Channel (NGC) - a series of documentaries about the surprising Martial Arts – a press kit constituted by a brick, a black belt and a leaflet was sent to the press and media buyers with information about the series and the programme schedule. The press kit defies whoever opens it to try and break the brick, making that person feel like a true Martial Art Master.
For the final consumer several Street Campaigns were made:
Promoters were placed in strategic spots in the city of Lisbon. The flyers also directed the people for the on-line quiz made by the Martial Arts Week sponsor Wilkinson brand.
About 150 black belts and flyers were placed in different supports throughout the city of Lisbon. Each team of promoters was constituted by two fighters who trained with each other and by a third who distributed the flyers explaining the reason for that make-believe combat.
Thanks to Hugo Tornelo from Torke Stunt, Lisbon for mailing this in.

BRAVIA - Colorrs Come Alive!

First it was the refreshingly lovely television commercials that we all wished we had made and now BRAVIA is back in print and outdoor too. These ads are so trippy, you could be on a roller coaster ride by just staring at them in deep concentration. Lovely work by EURO RSCG in Argentina. via