Thursday, August 31, 2006

Johnson & Johnson

Well, it's kinda similar to what I posted for a restaurant named Yin Yang a few days ago. Though I really like the way the idea is more relevant here. Thanks for the ad, Jayanarayanan!

A Bavarian Attitude!

Agency : KesselsKramer, Netherlands >> Creatives: Dave Bell , Christian Borstlap, Job van Dijk

DHL in Any Size!

The headline reads 'No size limits'. Agency: Jung von Matt, Berlin via:

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Adidas does a Nike??!!

Well, the egg or the chicken? It's that question that we're asking again. Click here and you will see exactly the same campaign above for NIKE! A campaign that just won a Cannes Lion.
TBWA, India did the above campaign for Adidas and the agency claims that both campaigns were done at the same time! Now is this a copy or is it just simulataneous'll never know! But all said and done it's a bizzare thought to see 2 global giants and largest rivals have exactly the same advertising...Jeez!
Agency: TBWA, India >> Creative Director: Jhose >> Art Director: Balakumar >>Copywriter: Ambar

Curtains From New Zealand

Thanks to Chris Hunter for sending in the latest ambient campaign from Draft New Zealand. It’s an installation that’s gone up in shopping malls for Curtain Bank, a charity that is sponsored by one of our main clients, the power utility company Genesis Energy. The image of the child’s bedroom was behind a real window frame, revealing the uncomfortable reality of some homes in poorer parts of New Zealand.

The copy on the plaque reads: Nobody deserves this kind of exposure.
Curtains don’t just keep out prying eyes, they keep out the cold. Far too many Waikato families freeze because their homes are without curtains. So please, donate your old curtains and give warmth to a needy family.
Credits: Brand: Curtain Bank >> Agency: Draft, Auckland, New Zealand >> Creative Director: Chris Hunter >> Art director: Darryl Roycroft >> Copywriter: Graham Wiremu >> Photographer: Greg Semu >> Installation: Rocket Signtists

Pedigree Underdog

Thanks to Sakib Afridi from TBWA\RAAD in Dubai for sending in this ad for Pedigree Dog Food. As most of us know, it was just announced that the planet Pluto has lost it's status as a planet. TBWA quickly took the opportunity to do an ad for Pedigree dog food. Also, the global tagline for Pedigree is: "We're for dogs". TBWA added a little twist there as well and made it "we're for underdogs too".

Credits: Art Director: Sakib Afridi >> Creative Director >> Copywriter: Shehzad Yunus.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Are You Clever Enough?

Well, yet another smart alec ad that gives me no reason why I should spend an evening or my hard earned money at Yin Yang Restaurant. In fact, I think this one is so clever that you could have a guess the idea contest to go along with the ad...dyam!! I wonder if you understand this one...

AGENCY: etoile b >> ART DIRECTOR: simon michael >> COPYWRITER: urtep t

The Dubai Sports City

Really nice ads for the Dubai Sports City. I love the idea and the equally good execution that supports it. The campaign was done by an agency named Tonic in Dubai. via

Liqstar Walita Mixer Jar

Really cool ad for Liqstar Walita Mixer Jar. This ad by Daniel Jacob from the Miami Ad School won the Luerzers Archive Student Contest recently. For more info, go here

Monday, August 28, 2006

DJ Blackjack @ Purple Haze!

Thanks to Jayanarayanan from Watermelon for sending in this ad for Purple Haze, a pub in Bangalore, India. The ad that appeared in the Mid-Day was aimed at informing people that DJ Blackjack was performin at Zapp & Purple Haze. You can see 2 earlier Purple Haze Ads here.

Credits: Agency: Watermelon, Bangalore >> Creative Director: Sampat Kumar >> Art Director: Jayanarayanan >> Copywriter: Netra N Kumar

CLOROX - Baby Vision!

Agency: Dieste Harmel - San Francisco. VIA:

Guide Dogs Association of South Africa

Agency: Herdbuoys McCann-Erickson >> Creative director: John Smeddle >> Art director: Christopher Charoux, Jonothan Wolberg >> Copy writer: Christopher Charoux, Jonothan Wolberg

Workout World

Agency: Born & Butter >> Creative Directors: Rodd Chant, Cameron Hearne >> Art Directors: Cameron Hearne, Rodd Chant >> Copywriters: Rodd Chant, Cameron Hearne

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Baggage Bags

I dunno when or where this Guerilla was done but it looks really cool. Anybody with more info on it, do leave a comment...cheers!

Sanctuary Guerilla Poster

A poster like this on a construction site in the middle of nowhere...copywriters can seem to find any place good enough to manufacture scam for awards...isn't it?? By the way, who are these posters for?? The construction workers I guess!

Freddy & the Pillow!

A really nice ad that uses Freddy from the Nightmare on Elm Street to showcase a Thai Brand of Pillows. It's executed well and looks interesting too. My only crib with it is the fact that 'if a viewer hasn't seen the movie, the idea is kinda weakened'. The tagline on the ad reads 'Kill the Nightmare'

Swift - Wanna Play??

Thanks to Yaqui Núñez from Pagés BBDO for sending in this campaign for the Suzuki Swift. According to Núñez, it's a really fun project that's coming out to the media as we speak in magazines, posters, etc. It all revolves around the global positioning of the car "Wanna play?" and the cool thing is the amount of time you spent looking for all the hidden things in each one of them.

Campaign Credits: Agency: Pagés BBDO >> Country: Dominican Republic >> GCD: Rofolfo Borrell >> Copywriter: Yaqui Núñez >> Art Director: Miguel Peña >> Illustrator: Efrain Raymundo >> Client: Suzuki >> Product: Swift

Surrealy Hyundai!

This is probably the most surrealistic pieces of advertising I've seen in a while now...I feel like watching one of Dali's paintings come alive for some reason. This ad by Duval Guillaume, Brussels has a lot of fantasy and dreaminess embedded in itself. Maybe that's what makes it so interesting! via

Friday, August 25, 2006

The Art of Slacking Off!!

How to Do Nothing at Work, and Get Away With It!
Just found this on the Weiden + Kennedy Blog and I thought you'd like to read it too...

1. Look Busy: Having papers spead all over your desk helps, as do pencils which are widdled down to the eraser. If you have to walk somewhere, keep your head down, and walk quickly (this also works if youre trying to avoid being called over to do work. NEVER MAKE EYE CONTACT!). Carrying clipboard with you while moving around also helps.

2. Look Stressed: If you look completely stressed out, co-workers and your boss will be more likely to leave you alone, since you must have other pressing matters on your mind. To look stressed leave your eyes unfocused, move from place to place quickly while quietly talking to yourself, and if someone asks you a question, stare off into the distance for a moment, give a big sigh, and answer them with an irritated tone.

3. Speak Quickly: If they cant figure out what you said, they'll assume you dont have the time to explain it.

4. Hide: Find a good hiding place. A couple good examples are under a desk, in the air vents, or a janitors closet.

5. Break a Limb: Obviously this method only works when you work at a job that requires physical labour or typing. How you break the limb is up to you, though I recommend something spectacular (ie. snowboarding on the Alps).

6. Make Excuses: Theres nothing like having a good list of excuses on hand (Memorized, that is. A list on paper is suspicious). Ones like I would stay late, but I have to babysit my mothers aunts friends sisters goldfish, may work. Of course, ymmv.

7. Never Leave Your Office/Room: If you dont leave your office, you are less likely to be bothered. Remember: out of sight, out of mind. Of course, you will need to ensure that you have an ample supply of rations so that you can survive until its time to head home. Bathroom breaks, I'm still working on.

8. What they cant see Re-arrange your office so that your computer monitor faces away from any windows or doors that your boss may be able to see through. This will ensure that you have ample time to hit the Boss Key in any game youre playing, or open a Word document to hide the porn youre surfing, should your boss happen to wander into your

9. Fool their eyes: If you cant rearrange your office, perhaps employ a service like Work FRIENDLY which acts as a proxy to mask any website that you visit. You can mask the sites to look like a Word Document and at a quick glance, they look like any other document. If the boss gets too close, click the Boss Key and WordFriendly will hide the website with pseudo-word document.

10. Choose a profession people dont understand: Im a web developer. Most people dont REALLY understand what you need to do to be a web developer, so I might be doing a blog post, but theyre thinking Im working. Golden!

The Design Yatra 2006!!

Kyoorius Design Magazine is organising a design conference and exhibition at InterContinental - The Grand Resort, Goa between 7th and 9th September. Some of the world's finest minds in graphic design like Andy Altman from Why Not Associates, Nick Bell from Nick Bell Studios, London, Neville Brody from Research Studios, U.K., Elsie Nanji from Ambience Publicis, Sujata Keshavan from Ray + Keshavan, Sudhir Sharma from Elephant Design will be there to look and talk about the future of Design in India.
All details of participants, contact numbers in various cities across India, Sponsors, etc are available in the poster above. I think this must be one of the greatest events for a designer to be at. Check it out, promises to be one great event...I wanna GO toooooo!

Arush Energy Drink

AGENCY: BBDO Toronto >> CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Ian Mackellar >> ACD / ART DIRECTOR: Mark Mason >> ACD/COPYWRITER: Patrick Scissons >> PHOTOGRAPHER: Mark Zibert

The DHL Box!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Tropical Cheddar Cheese!

The Unofficial Sponsor of Halloween!

There are a few aspects of our lives that all advertising people seem to be in love with. Like superheroes, movies/filmstars, musicians/ would be fair enough to add zombies/evil characters and villains to that list. This Halloween Campaign for Heineken is a treat for those who love the dark guys - Count Dracula, Frankenstein, Grim Reaper, An Egyptian Mummy and Wolfenstein...all classic features of this really cool campaign. Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

More Powerful Than Pain

An interesting Guerilla Attempt to depict the impact of Advil-IBUPROFEN, a drug that helps you deal with a headache.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Bausch & Lomb - No Defects

Bausch & Lomb >> Print: Title - Warranty against manufacturing defects >> Industry: Contact lenses >> Agency: FCB-ULKA >> Account Executive: Akshat Singh >> Art Director: Rajanish Kr. Jain >> Creative Director: Shiveshwar Raj Singh >> Photographer: Rajanish Kr. Jain >> Writer: Kingshuk Dey

Meiji Milk

Client: Meiji Milk >> Print: Title - Alley, Pillar, Balcony & Staircase >> Industry: FMCG >> Agency: BBDO Singapore >> Executive Creative Director: Francis Wee >> Copywriter: Andrew McKechnie >> Art Director: Goh Wee Kim >> Typographer: Eng Lee Sin >> Photographer: Jonathan Tay >> Account Handler: Jason Tan

BILT in 3 colors

Client: BILT Papers >> Print: Title - Meadow, Water & Moon >> Industry: Stationery >> Agency: Lowe, Delhi >> Copy: Radhakrishnan >> Art: Aneesh Jaisinghani