Monday, July 31, 2006

Ben's Big Socks

Well, now you know how to get santa claus to give you more this christmas! But what would you do with socks this big other than just wait for Santa?? Agency: Creative Juice, Bangkok

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Blind Paedophile!

If you pretend to not see it, you could be a paedophile too! Agency: Tonga Workroom, Shanghai

Lighting Up an Idea!

Agency: Far East DDB Company Limited. >> Client: Khaoshong Coffee. >>

Mileage Maze!

An interactive medium to promote a motorcycle called the Auteco Boxer and communicate its fuel effieciency. A huge and long maze game with only one entry was created and once you found your way out of the maze, the copy read '254 kilometres per gallon'. This was again done by The Tonga Workroom from Shanghai, China.

Art & Technology from Mumbai!

Pretty interesting this. AMO Communications in Mumbai, India did this campaign for an online art gallery at The site features work from Music & Visual Artists. Log on to know more

Asleep @ Work!

An ad for a brand of sleeping tablets called Lady Americana. The ad was done by an agency called Creative Juice, G1 in Bangkok

Friday, July 28, 2006

Lesser Trees by The Tonga Workroom

Another Guerilla Idea...this one was done by The Tonga Workroom in Shanghai. I don't quite understand the logistics of how this idea worked. Was the greenery we see on the front of the dispenser replaced each day? If it was, the idea would only work in places where I used the tissue paper dispenser every day! Otherwise I'd assume it was always the same. Can you think of an explanation??

Smart, Very Very Smart!

Big Fish!

A very clever ad for a Fish Food Brand called Lico. This print ad was done by an agency called Tonga Workroom in Beijing, China. Never heard of them before!

Gajalee Sea Food Restaurant

A very different and weird campaign for a Sea Food Restaurant called Gajalee at the Phoenix Mills Compound in Mumbai. I'm kinda confused at the exact idea here. Is it all about the smell of fish? Or is it about something else?
AGENCY: Euro RSCG, India >> CLIENT: Gajalee Sea Food Ltd. >> CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Ashok Karnik, Sanjay Khare >> COPYWRITER: Siddhartha Bindra >> ART DIRECTOR: Roshni Kavina

The Axe Bus

A cool guerilla idea by Lowe, Dubai to promote Axe. From outside it loox like that's a bus full of women and a man having a great party! via

Unforgettable Hair!

Tagline: “Unforgettable Hair” >> Agency: JWT, Paris >> Found at: Ad Goodness

Smiles Galore!

I like the attitude these ads by George Patterson, Y&R from Australia portray. While there are loads of ads that are motivated towards making a donation or supporting a cause by showing you shocking visuals or by a clever execution, the tone of these ads makes them very friendly and warm and most importantly relatable. Now who doesn't want to see a smile on a kid's face!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

The South East Asian Bandwagon!

If you just heard a loud sound, it might have just been your jaw dropping! Welcome to the impact of advertising from South East Asia. I've always believed that the most bizzare and stunningly creative ideas come from countries like Bangkok, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan & China.
On one hand we have creativity of this kind and on the other hand we have Singapore which I think is the finest places for an advertising professional to be at, especially if you're creative! Neil French, Sonal Dabral, Norman Tan, Masako Okamura, Jureeporn Thaidumrong, Sheena Jeng, the list of ad greats is quite endless!
The campaign was made at Euro RSCG, Thailand. It's a public service campaign for the protection of animals. The headline reads 'They need you. More than 200,000 handicapped animals in Thailand left living a hard life.' Well, if I saw this on a hoarding, it would strike me like crazy! Super cool idea and mind boggling art here!

Seals Moisture

Thanks to Kcaui from Dentsu for sending in this ad. The copy on the pack says: Seals moisture in to prevent dry skin.

Kampo Bubble Wrap!

Thanks to Kcaui from Dentsu for sending in this Guerilla Ad for Kampo. A medication that helps you release acidity and gas. This bubble wrap poster was a demonstration of how the product worked on the body. Interesting stuff here

Towel Tissue!

Agency: Publinet Advertising, Dubai >> Creative Directors (Art): Arun Kumar, Subhash >> Creative Director (Copy): Benjamin Borges

The Pizza Box!

I like this pizza box innovation by Carlsberg. The message reads part of the game but I was just wondering if it would make more sense if it was actually done by a Pizza Company!

{out of space}

A poster that was created on the occasion of World Population Day. Was done by EURO RSCG, I think. Can anybody confirm that?


I have seen lots of ads that make use of comic strips but this one takes a new approach to the same execution style. The campaign is for Strepsils, a brand of throat lozenges. If you know the agency that did this campaign, do share it!


This ad for my body gym is kinda hilarious. I love the idea of the elephant following the fat lady instead of its own mother! I do wonder if that's going to put off fat people as it looks like it ridicules them. We recently did a campaign for a weight loss program featuring pregnant men! (well, fat men who looked like pregnant men)...I find a parallel of sorts with this idea ad the one we did. via

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

ITIVI Campaign

Thanks to Tolga Büyükdoganay for sending in this campaign for ITIVI. It features a style and technique that we've seen before but translates into an interesting campaign that's not only cost-effective but interesting too!
Agency: FCB Vienna Client: ITIVI Online Rental Service >> AD / Concept: Tolga Büyükdoganay >> Copywriter: Juergen Heel, Alexander Trybus

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Barbie Online!

A very cleverly disguised's so subtle that I almost missed it! And then it hit me...nice work here.

The Ogilvy Belgium Copy Test!?

These 2 ads for Ford's New Ranger XLT have been doing the rounds across the advertising blogosphere for a few days now. I recently bumped into this post by Coolzor that reveals that these ads by Ogilvy, Belgium might not be as original as they seem because exactly the same idea has been done before in 1999 for the launch of the 607 from Peugeot! The agency behind the Peugeot is unknown though.

Here's the 1999 ad that was done by Peugeot. Saints v/s Sinners, Anybody got anything more to say??

Braun Dry!

The Immortal One!

An interesting print campaign for Duracell Rechargable Batteries. I would have probably written a headline without a negative word like die but then...I guess that was taken into account by the team too.

Eat Eat Eat Eat!

Thanks to Woei Hern from Dentsu Malaysia for sending in this cute ad for Kampo, a health aid that helps you eat better!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Cruiser in an Igloo

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Poland AD: Bartek Grala, CW: Daniel Piecka I via