Thursday, April 27, 2006

Population Control

A really nice press ad to address the issue of growing population. Unfortunately, the agency bhind the ad is unknown. Anybody knows where and who did this really cool ad. VIA: ads of the world

Flying Dinosaurs!

Interesting campaign for the Museum of Ontario in Canada. The theme of this print campaign was the origin of flight and if dinosaurs could really fly! I found it making me curious...

Andy's - Student Winner Three

Another winner from the Andy's '06. This idea for Matchbox, a toy car manufacturer (just like hot-wheels in India) was developed by students from the Miami Ad School in Europe.

Andy's - Student Winner Two

I dont know the Art/Design School that did this Guerilla Idea for Benjamin Moore Paints. The idea won a Bronze at the Andy Awards. Does anybody know the student or school involved here?

Andy's - Student Winner One

One more Silver Winner from the Andy's. This one is a student entry from the Creative Circus. Glenn C Smith created this Guerilla Campaign for Slowdown Atlanta. A project that tried to tell residents to reduce their speed limits while driving.

Altoids at the Andy's!

This Altoids Ad done by Leo Burnett Chicago had me in splits! Another Andy Winner in 2006. Nice work.

Leo Burnett at the Andy's

Leo Burnett, Bangalore won a Bronze for this Press Ad on the Bhopal Gas Tragedy at the recent Andy Awards.

Adidas Gigaride!

This print campaign for Adidas was intended to compliment a series of television commercials for the Gigaride technology that promises "Unstoppable Cushioning." This campaign was developed by Nonbox. The team included with Creative Director, Steve Flood, Illustrator, Marc Gabbana and Designer, Matt Davis.
The agency had to work from an existing creative concept showcased in a series of 30-second television commericials. The commercials had the benefit of time to tell their story whereas the nonbox design team was limited to expressing the same message in one frame--be it a poster, window banner or POS insert.

Snip Snip!

2 Press Ads for Salon Premium, a hip, independent hair salon. The ads were meant to reflect the Salon's irreverant culture and bring in new customers looking for a dramatic change. The Art Director is Gordon Chislett and Copywriter is Matt McNelis. The ads were featured on the Once Club Showcase recently.

Don't Let Others Speak For You

A campaign by DDB Toronto done in 2004 for the election commission of Ontario in Canada. The agency behind the campaign is Red, Toronto.

Hitachi PLASMA

Hitachi Plasma by Publicis, Toronto. Winner of a Certificate of Excellence at the Prix Awards.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

open sesame!

I don't know the agency behind this idea to promote the screening of "Moses" but I like the idea of promoting the movie with a part of the movie itself. Nice work. VIA:ihaveanidea


Here's one more from Viking! This press ad is for their Electric Mower that makes 15 decibels lesser sound. Thanks to Patrick Lucet from Publicis Conseil in France for sending this one in.

Blood at the Bus Shelter

Looks like Bus Shelters are the next big medium of use for creatives worldwide. Here's another one from Singapore. This one is for the Singapore Blood Bank and the agency behind the idea is Bates, Singapore. Stunning work and use of medium.

Lungs in Ash!

Amazing Idea for a Guerilla Bus Shelter done for the Cancer Society of Finland by an agency called Bob in Helsinki. The idea also won metal at the Eurobest Awards. VIA

Ontario Blue Cross

A print campaign for the Ontario Blue Cross by an agency named Marketel in Canada. I think, they are pretty lame. I wonder if you agree?

Dowry - a DIRTY word!

Ouch! These really know how to grab you by your collar! A series of posters for a public service client called "The Sisterhood Collective" done by an agency called Brand Curry in Delhi, India. I really think these grab attention but its like attention without any effect. A nude woman on any piece of communcation would do the same! Does anybody have any other opinions on this one? VIA: ads of the world

The French Viking

Thanks to Julien Didier for sending in these ads done by Publicis Conseil in France. They are for a brand of Lawn Mowers called Viking. The Art Director is Jean marc tramoni and the Copywriter is Marc Rosier. To be honest, I dont really get the one with the dog!

Manifesto Invite!

An interesting invite for Manifesto, a progressive Calgary Hair Salon. I like the attitude but felt it should have been something more relevant when one was launching a hair salon. But this one somehow looks like a woman with the towel around her head after a bath, is that what it is??

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A Publicis Christmas Card

Thanks to Chong Wei Lung, a young art-director from Publicis Singapore for sending in this Christmas Card done by him. Nice art combined with a cool idea. This card definetely grabs attention!

Quitplan Ciggarette Stub

Interesting idea for a website that helps you quit smoking. I think this one is pretty innovative even though its is similar to the McDonalds Hoarding with a straw for Thick Shakes.

Made by Cowboys!

One more campaign for denim. This one is for Wrangler and was done by Creative Juice G1 in Bangkok. VIA

SIC News Channel

A campaign for a news channel called sic by MSTF Partners. I don't understand the idea here except that little mosquito that seems to be going around. Can anybody help explaining what this means?? Or is there more to it? VIA

Just Born Denims!

A new campaign from Stockholm by an agency called Waterwigdren. Never heard of them but this campaign has a good thought though the umbilical cord seems to be an idea we've seen before.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Italian Coffee from Turkey!

Creative for Cafe Molinari - An Italian Coffee House. The agency in Rafineri in Turkey. I somehow feel I've seen this one before...deja vu?? Does anybody know if this has been done? VIA

Sunday, April 23, 2006

shrt flm fstvl!

A campaign for the Canadian Film Centre's Worldwide Short Film Festival by TAXI in Canada. Some fresh thinking and a whole new way of looking at the different aspects of film making. Good stuff.