Friday, December 30, 2005

Creatives from a land called FCB Austria

Thanks to Tolga Büyükdoganay, an Art Director from FCB Austria for sending in these 2 ads from his portfolio. The Naber Kaffe work you see a little below was also done by him. These 2 ads have won a few awards and also been featured in the Luerzers Archive recently. I think the Unicef Ad is a great idea. The credits for both these ads are as follows:
HL: More education for girls in Islamic countries.
AD: Tolga Büyükdoganay
Copy: Patrick Partl
Eurobest 2005 Outdoor Silver, Epica 2005 Silver

Power Horse
AD: Tolga Büyükdoganay
Thank you Tolga and keep sending in more work for mortals like us to appreciate. And a very happy new year to you and everybody else! Have a blast!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Sambit Mohanty from Vyas Gianetti Creative is the creative brain behind this ad that won an Abby Gold & a New York Silver recently. The ad was done while he was at Publicis. This is an absolutely amazing idea. Congrats, Sambit!

Great Art!!

Category: Public Services
Agency: Crush
Client: Singapore Environment Council
Headline: Half the world's rainforest have already died. If the rest go, so will you.
Country: Singapore
I think the art in this Ad is absolutely stunning. Kept me interested in taking a look for a second time. Super Stuff!

Prevent Polio

I don't know the agency behind this ad for Polio Prevention but it did remind me of a creative for Landmine Prevention that won a Cannes a few years back. That one featured just one slipper. Both of them are equally brilliant!

Swami meets McDonalds!

This ad for the 100% vegetarian festival at McDonalds spreads the message interestingly and works across parts of a culturally diverse country like India. Great work by Mudra.

Stuck to great ideas!

Great ideas do not get better than this one. Absolutely amazing. Creatives from Ogilvy know the meaning of great work, don't they?!

Dockers spells of McCann Magic.

This campaign done by McCann Erickson Bangalore features stunning art and an equally amazing idea to demonstrate stain free clothing. Great stuff!

Simply Hutch!

If there is one brand that is revered by almost every other advertising person in India, it has to be Hutch. Almost every single piece of communication evokes a sense of want, and every single campaign of theirs has been a "I wish I had done that" response from ad-folk all over. This campaign does the same bit once again! Ogilvy is simply brilliant with stuff like this time and again. Kudos!!

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Kids & Christmas

Interesting thought that most kids on the streets need food to eat more than lego blocks, toys, books or any such stuff. Great art that supports that idea. The copy reads "This Christmas give children what they really want". The agency behind the campaign is Red Cell, Portugal.

Via: The Hidden Persuader

Did you get it??

FCB Austria is the agency behind this ad for Naber Kafee. It took me about 2 minutes to get the idea behind this ad but something tells me most people would take longer (If I am not entirely underestimating the creative thought process of the average reader) and some might not get it at all. Do you get it? (PS: look @ the shadow carefully!)

It's the Pepsi Season!

BBDO Canada has this ad for the christmas season. It reminds me of the elephant ad (the one where the trunk of the elephant reaches out for the Pepsi Can).
My personal favorite Christmas Ad is one done for Axe Deodorant. It has three words on a flat yellow background and reads... OH! OH! OH!
Merry Christmas everybody!

Sorry For The Inter-ruption!

Hey everybody! I'm sorry for being gone for almost 2 weeks. It's been a hectic time out there. Been extremely busy trying to set up a new office for my own ageny. All is going well as of today. A merry christmas to everybody and warm wishes for the holiday season.
I'm gonna post a few new ads for now. Shall try and be back very soon and get the blog back to its normal level of posting. Till then, have a great time and watch out for what Santa leaves in each of your stockings!
Cheers, Cipher.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

COPYWRITING - this is it!

These ads were written by a genius named Indra Sinha during the floods in Orissa a few years ago. Work like this is never done today. A sad truth that great copy or the power of the written word has succumbed to more so called or considered important things like a visual, stunning art, great photography, amazing photoshop talent and stuff like that. Quite simply put, it is the death of copywriting in its original format. No wonder writers like me have no source of inspiration to turn towards in this day and age...

ISO Supermarket

Now you know where to go to find fresh fish...and for fresh ideas!

Baby...MY FOOT!

Caring for your feet! Now this is a really great ad for Minery Foot Care Cream. I love the idea of equating a foot to a baby. Very cool execution and a brillaintly simple idea. This ad was done by Creative Juice/G1 in Bankok.

Use 1000 times!

Category: FMCG
Client: Eveready Batteries
Headline: Use 1000 times.
Agency: DY&R, MUMBAI
Country: India

Hop, Skip & Jump

I don't know which agency did this ad. "Think Fresh"...what is with positioning statements these days. I recently read a post that described some 20 statements of the leading electronic brands across the world and most of them were plain rubbish and made no sense to the audience in any way. "Think Different" from is there a link or a story to learn from there?

Momma's Milk!

I don't like this ad for Ammerland Diaries one bit. In this day and age where science has proven time and again that a mother's milk is best for a baby, using this kind of communication is not only showing the percieved audience a wrong message and also makes for some very dumb advertising. This ad picked up an award at the 2005 EPICA Showcase too. I don't know what the judges were thinking when they saw this one!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Say Cheeeeeese!

More nice work from DY&R Moscow. My only worry is Teeth Protection, White Teeth, Good Taste (Vitamin C) and Fresh there anything that Dirol does not do?? I generally have an opinion that any brand should clearly have one great idea to sell itself to the audience. Can a brand say everything and get consumers to believe it? I think no. Anybody got more views on the same thing.


DY&R Dubai is the agency behind this remarkably well art directed campaign for Madeliene Vegetable Wash Liquid that makes your vegetables squeaky clean! I haven't come across a similar product in India. But these 2 ads are extremely cool. I dont mind them as 2 huge posters on my wall. I guess that would be cool too!

Kangaroo & Hippo!

Category: Automobiles
Agency: BBDO Portugal
Client: Nissan
Headline: More power for heavier loads.
Country: Lisbon, Portugal

Bizzare work this. Bizzare but with art that makes you go "how the f*!$ did they do that". That was exactly the reaction I had when I saw it at first. This is so cool isn't it?

Super Creative!!

TBWA/Paris looks like it knows the true meaning of great work time after after time. Look at this ad titled "Well" for Spontex. It won Silver for Press (magazine) and Bronze for Outdoor at Cannes 2005. The simplicity in thought and in expressing the idea is amazing!

Foot Talking!

Category: Health/Medicine
Agency: TBWA
Client: Ephydrol
Headline: Gets rid of deadly foot odor.
Country: Paris
Awards Won : Cannes, One Show, D&AD, Eurobest, Epica & More

This campaign from TBWA is really funny. The huge list of awards the campaign has won is simply mind blowing. Very cool, indeed!

Smoking is Hereditary!

This ad from VVL BBDO reminded me of the Malboro Man Ad done by Piyush Pandey that won a One Show and a Cannes Lion a few years back. I really like the fact that somebody has brought out the point that most parents continue smoking in front of their kids without caring about how much they will be imitated when the kids grow up. Though I've seen a few other campaigns on this issue, this one struck a chord with me.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Humans For Animals

TBWA Paris is the advertising agency behind this shocking and bizzare campaign for "Humans For Animals". The campaign shocked me when I saw it first. Now this could draw a parallel to lots of other work that aim to send the message across by shocking the viewer. Would this campaign change anything in the way you think about animals??

Save the Trees, Save the Animals!

I don't know which agency did this campiagn for the WWF (World Wildlife Fund). But I find the message being delivered in the same manner as the format that RMG David seems to be taking it....Save the trees and you shall save the Animals. Scroll below to see what RMG did for the same cause. Do you think there is a similarity?

Economist - Well Red!

These 5 Economist Ads won at the Eurobest Awards in 2005. This Print & Outdoor Campaign was done by Abbott Mead Vickers. BBDO, London.

Banned Belgian Anti Foie Gras Campaign

Thanks to Dubois Matthias for sending in this new outdoor campaign against foie gras (fatty liver), signed by Belgian animal rights activist group GAIA.
Foie gras - or “fatty liver” - is still a very popular Christmas and year end dinner dish across Belgium. Because most people don’t know that it’s made from the grotesquely enlarged livers of ducks and geese! The result of horrifyingf orce-feeding!! The campaign was supposed to run across 40 major Belgian railway stations…but the railway company refused the posters because they are “too shocking”.
I think that across the world, across agencies (atleast in my country, India), across cultures and across civilizations...shocking work is generally kept at a distance. Coming up with work like this is rare and when somebody does finally do it and it is killed becuase of fear, fear from authorities, from the public, from the is only going to dampen spirits of creatives who even aim to come up with similar work.
I think the only way to deal with it is to fight back. I request everybody from the blogging community, especially Belgians to go ahead and spread awareness through this campaign...if it can't be done at a train station, it can always be done through the internet!
For More News On the Same:

Monday, December 12, 2005

1pointsize Public Service Series

Here is a collection of 4 ads, all done by 1pointsize, chennai. The first one is against domestic violence, the second for AIDS prevention, the third for Blood Donation and the last is another one against AIDS prevention.
Simplicity is almost always a character amongst all work created by 1pointsize. And then again, you have the idea that tells itself through amazing photography time after time. My favourite is the Stori Ad. What's yours??