Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Title: Svenson Deforestation - Rebirth, Hope and Salvation >> Advertising Agency: Publicis >> Agency Location: Singapore >> Client: Global Beauty International Pte Ltd >> Product/Service: Svenson Hair Centre (Singapore) Pte Ltd >> Regional Chief Creative Officer: Calvin Soh >> Executive Creative Director: Sandip KT >> Art Directors: Chong Wei Lun, Koh Que Din >> Copywriter: Ho Pei Ling >> Photography: Stock (Getty Images) >> Digital Imaging: Christopher Ng (Procolor Imaging) >> Agency Producer: Stephenie Lee >> Production Manager: Daniel Tay >> Account Service Credit: June Chu >> Client Credit: Aileen Chua >> Additional Credit: Celeste Cheong (ProColor), Joel Choo (Getty Images) >>

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Partnership Against Drugs Association!

Headline 1: Dealers earn a living with drugs. Young people lose their lives. Don’t let dealers have fun at your cost.

Headline 2: You can get 15 years for selling drugs. You can lose 15 for buying. Don’t let dealers have fun at your cost.

Headline 3: Drug users finance crime and as in all financing, pay dearly. Don’t let dealers have fun at your cost.

Advertising Agency: D/Araújo, Florianópolis >> Agency Location: Brazil >> Creative Director: Edu Borges >> Art Director: Alexandre Amaral >> Copywriter: Igor Becker >> Photographer: Jeferson Caldart >>


Advertised Brand: Findus >> Advert title(s): Responsible Fishing >> Advertising Agency (Name, City, Country): Callegari Berville Grey, France >> Creative Director: Andrea Stillacci >> Art Director: Jérôme Gonfond >> Copywriter: Yannick Savioz >> Illustrator: Keep Coul >> Photographer: Ilario & Magali >> Art Buyer: Juliette Lambert >>

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Leica 12X Optical Zoom!

Advertising Agency: Advico Young & Rubicam >> Agency Location: Zurich-Gockhausen, Switzerland >> Creative Directors: Urs Schrepfer, Christian Bobst >> Art Directors: Christian Bobst, Isabelle Hauser >> Copywriter: Johannes Raggio >> Photographer: Christian Bobst >> Account Supervisor: Sandro Breu >>

Gryphon Tea Company!

Client: Culina >> Advertising Agency: Grey >> Agency Location: Singapore >> Creative Directors: Koh Hwee Peng, Justin Lim >> Art Directors: Koh Hwee Peng, Nick Tan >> Copywriter: Justin Lim >> Photographer: Ric Tang, Shutter Bug >>

Bob's Burgers!

Advertised Brand: Bob's Burgers >> Advertising Agency (Name, City, Country): NBS, Rio de Janeiro >> Agency Location: Brazil >> Agency Website: >> Creative Director: André Lima, Pedro Feyer >> Art Director: Bernardo Romero, Marcello Noronha, Ivan Loos >> Copywriter: Sabrina Villar, Rodrigo Dorfman >>

Guiness - Alive Inside!

Advertising Agency: BBDO >> Agency Location: Ireland >> Creative Director: Mal Stevenson >> Copywriter: Mark Nutley >> Art Director: Pat Hamill >> Agency Producer: Noel Byrne >> Production House: Red Bee Media >> Director: Steve Cope >>

Monday, October 15, 2007

Cheeky Monkey!

Product : Cheeky Monkey >> Advertising Agency : Clemenger BBDO >> Agency Location: Sydney >> Country : Australia >> Illustrator: Christian Borstlap >> Creative Director: Rocky Ranallo >> Art Director: Paul Sharp, Gary Dawson >> Copywriter: Paul Sharp, Gary Dawson >>


Advertising Agency: Bates Y&R >> Agency Location: Copenhagen, Denmark >> Creative Director: Ib Borup >> Art Director: Peder Schack >> Copywriter: Tobias Aggergaard >> Photographer: Christian Graversen >>

Bajaj DTS-Si!

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather >> Agency Location: Mumbai, India >> Creative Directors: Manoj Shetty, Siddhartha Dutta >> Art Directors: Mandar Khatkul, Kevin Andrade >> Copywriter: Manoj Shetty >> Illustrator / Photographer: Mahesh Hiremath >> Published: October 2007 >> via

Adidas - NBA!

Advertising Agency: Sportsnet >> Agency Location: Turkey >> Creative Director: Şahin Aymergen >> Art Director: Fatih Şenay >> Copywriter: Burak Özgüney >> Photographer: Şafak Taner (Hidayet Türkoğlu Fotoğrafı) >> Illustrator: Huseyin Yildiz >>

Imagine R!

'Imagine R' is a transport ticket for young people to be used on trains, buses and the subway in Paris and its suburbs. They can also use it at specific places to get discounts. Advertising Agency: H-Paris >> Agency Location: Paris, France >> Creative Director: Christophe Caubel >> Art Directors / Copywriters: Nicolas Poillot, Philippe Boucheron >> Illustrator: Grems aka Supermicro

Ariel - Sterile!

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi >> Agency Location: Warsaw, Poland >> Creative Director: Max Olech >> Art Director: Bożena Ślaga >> Copywriter: Radek Kotapka >>


Advertising Agency: Ogilvy&Mather >> Agency Location: New Delhi, India >> Creative Director: Emmanuel Upputuru >> Art Director: Arnab Biswas >> Copywriter: Godwin Martin >> Illustrator: Arnab Biswas >> Additional credits: Pooja Trehan, Krishna Mani >> Published: September 2007 >> Media: Posters during college fests in New Delhi >>

Borusan Istanbul Philharmonic Orchestra!

Advertising Agency: Piramit >> Agency Location: Istanbul, Turkey >> Creative Director: Metin Aroyo >> Art Director: Emrah Meshur >> Copywriter: Mustafa Oral >> Photographer: Sitki Kösemen >>

Saturday, October 13, 2007

3M Scotch Magic!

Advertising Agency: Serviceplan Münche >> Agency Location: Hamburg, Germany >> Creative director: Ekki Frenkler >> Art Directors: Pei-Jen Müller-Lierheim, Miro Moric >> Copywriter: Petra Nachtigall >> Photographers: Felix Holzer, Kevin Lee (Ecopix) >>