Thursday, November 30, 2006

JFK for Che Magazine!

A new ad for Che Magazine by Duval Guillaume, Belgium. I like the whole attention factor the ad creates because you see the unexpected and it surprises you very well. Though the flip side is that if you know nothing about the JFK Assasination, this ad won't work at all.

The Andheri Viral!

Mohammed Soaeb, an Art Director from Contract, Mumbai is trying to find a room mate for his 15th floor flat in Andheri, Mumbai. Click on the link above to see a 1 minute viral ad he created to help him in the quest! Best of luck Soaeb :)

The Stains That Kill - CPAA & Saatchi!

Thanks to Rajeev Ravindranathan from Saatchi & Saatchi, Bangalore for sending in this Ambient Media Idea that was executed for the Cancer Patients Aid Association. The Pan stains that you see on the walls are a common feature at several buildings in India. Shameful but absolutely true!
Client: CPAA >> Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Bangalore >> Copywriter: Rajeev Ravindranathan >> Art: Prasad Erande >> Photographs: Suguthan

Work Spaces - Is Yours A Cool One??

I guess it is extremely important for most of us to have work spaces that motivate us for they definetely have an impact on the work that's created. It could be a table tennis table converted into a boardroom table, pink chairs that scream attitude, road dividers as showpieces, race tracks and toy cars under a meeting table, a mini golf course, a huge theatre with a big LCD screen, trailors convrted into creative rooms, a restaurant ambience, a go-karting rink within the office or something absolutely outta the ordinary!

Showcased above are a few agency offices like DDB, Rethink in Canada, Subplot, Grey Worldwide, Crispin Porter Bogusky and several others that have redefined the way office spaces need to look. Each with their own attitude and style. I hope you like them! Hidden in the middle is be positive 24, my very own office...couldn't help but be a bit selfish :) If you think your office is a cool one, send in a few pics...I promise an exclusive post. Cheers! VIA: I Have An Idea & The Cool Hunter

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Abundant Earth Tea - Leo Burnett, Singapore!

Agency: Leo Burnett, Singapore >> Art Director: Tong Wee Loi >> Creative Director: Steve Straw >> Photo Illustrator: Felix Wang >> Photographer: Ric Tang >> Copywriter: Jacqueline Tan

Man Financial by 6 Inches!

Man Financial ranks amongst the world’s largest independent futures brokers, also being one of the oldest. The task of branding this legend was made easier with a history rich in tradition and culture. We started by exploring the heritage of Man Financial, which has stood the toughest test of time and has proved its mettle. The new campaign “200 years of Glory” reflects the true spirit and making of Man. An integrated campaign has given Man wide-spread recognition in India.
Agency: Six Inches Communication >> Agency Website: >> Account Executive: Mithun Devalkar >> Art Director: Pravin Shah >> Creative Director: Pravin Shah, Kaustuv Ray >> Writer: Kaustuv Ray, Raika Gazder

Times AV Revolution!

Agency: Six Inches Communication >> Website: >> Account Executive: Mithun Devalkar >> Art Director: Pravin Shah >> Creative Director: Pravin Shah, Kaustuv Ray >> Writer: Kaustuv Ray

Fabricare Laundry!

A very simple idea that has been expressed in a very different style. I initially thought this was a campaign for a washing powder but this campaign for Fabricare, a laundry and dry cleaner talks about the abuse clothes face each day and how this can be put to an end.

The Chinese Buffet Luncheon!

Thanks to Sandeep Rajan from Fisheye Creative Solutions in Bangalore for sending in this ad for the Chinese Buffet Luncheon at Civet. I guess this is more of a perfect beer belly image, I wish this ad was for a pub but it definetely is funny and gets the message across quite interestingly.
Credits: Creative Team: Sandeep V. Rajan and Mahesh N. S. >> Agency: Fisheye Creative Solutions, Bangalore

Biffar Doors!

Airtel - Talk at just 10 Paise!

A new campaign by Rediffusion DY&R for Airtel - A telecommunications company from India. The campaign promotes their late night talk facility where subscribers can make calls for just 10 paise per minute!