Friday, September 29, 2006

Axe Shower Gel

Smirnoff Triple Distilled

An absolutely brilliant way to show a consumer the USP of your product in a really refreshing and interesting way. The agency here is JWT, London.

Rodasol Insect Repellant: Stop Violence!

Relpipe Returns...

Relpipe is a division of the Reliance Industries that manufacturers pipes that are used across sectors like irrigation, housing, infrastructure development, water supply, etc. I like these ads by Saatchi and Saatchi because of the benefits that are so clearly depicted that even the layman can understand them.
The previous campaign for Relpipe was something that was very different and you could have a look at it here. It was done by Mudra DDB and was also nominated for the Communication Arts Annual.

Junior Scrabble

Headline: You can always spot a player - Junior Scrabble

The Forbes Magazine!

Heinz Mean Beanz!

Thursday, September 28, 2006


Agency : Shine Advertising, Madison Wisconsin >> Creative Director : Mike Kriefski >> Art Director : John Krull >> Copywriter : James Breen

Gimme a Heineken!

I dont know the agency that did this but it indeed is one of the coolest innovations around. It's kinda subtle but it works like magic when it does hit you. May be a few of you could also consider it a wee bit freaky too!

Europe One 104.7 FM!

Headline: Is the war of the sexes really over?

Headline: Should we fear the Chinese?

Headline: How far will we let things go before money takes over sport?

Headline: Is religion the only thing we can't joke about?

Headline: Is France allergic to reforms?

Europe 1 is the type of radio station that isn't scared to discuss such topics - no matter how taboo.

Agency: Publicis Conseil, Paris >> Country: France >>Creatives: Olivier Altmann (Executive Creative Director), BenoƮt Blumberger (Art Director), Eric Helias (Copywriter), Jorge Carreno (Art Director) >> Other Credits: Photographer: Oliver Rheindorf >> Account Handler: Sophie Larrieu

Mercedes Benz Toupee!

3 Wise Men?

It's so amazing how a campaign like this can get appreciated in another country. If an Indian Brand did this, you know what they could expect from the markets! 3 Wise Men is a New Zealand Company that manufactures of shirts for men. Their print ads and metrolites featured mannequins doing real things like chundering on their way home after a big night, etc. The campaign was meant to announce 3WM's new store in High St Auckland. The agency here is Ogilvy, NZ.
Credits: Creatives: Josh Lancaster (Creative Director) and Jamie Hitchcock (Creative Director) >> Other Photography: Spid >> Retouching: The Craft Shop

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

NAVY: Republic of Singapore

Trimax Slimming Bus!

Product: OTO Trimax >> Title: Slim Bus >> Agency: DDB Worldwide Pte. Ltd. >> Country: Singapore >> Creatives: Neil Johnson (Executive Creative Director) Terrence Tan (Creative Director) KHOO MENG HAU (Art Director) SHAUN QUEK (Copywriter) >> Other Credits: Account Director: Tatt Ng >> Digital Imaging: Miracle Factory >> Production: Moove Media

furniture v/s seat-belts?

Advertiser: Environment Waikato >> Advertising Agency: Colenso BBDO, Auckland

Telefonica Campaign


The Surf Museum!

I saw these ads and the first thing I loved was their sense of Art Direction. They reminded me of the Virginia Holocaust Museum Ads and a I then found out that the AD on these ads was Christopher Gyorgy, the same dude from the martin agency who did the Virginia Holocaust Museum Ads. I definetely think both the campaigns look extremely similar and I love those so much. All said and done these ads are great too.
Agency: Young & Rubicam, Irvine. ViA: Goodness

A Picture in Words!

Thanks to Woei Hern from Dentsu, Malaysia for sending in this ad for Canon Pixma Photo printers. Though the style is a wee bit familiar, it has been executed well. The headline reads: Paint more than a thousand words with PIXMA Photo Printers.