Saturday, December 30, 2006

Happy New Year!

Hey guys! A very happy new year to everybody. I hope this is a really fantastic year for everyone out there and may it bring you immense happiness and all that you've ever wished for. Thanks a ton for all the support and the encouragement in helping this blog going day after day. It means a lot to me and I am glad all of you enjoy it too. Cheers!

Chernobyl & The Red Cross!

Even 20 years after the disaster, Chernobyl’s landscape reminds one of a barren planet. Even more damage was done to local residents, their bodies and minds alike. The Red Cross provides them with both medical and psychological assistance.

Agency: Leo Burnett, Ukraine >> Creative Director(s): Jaroslaw Wiewiorski >> Copywriter(s): Fedorenko, Wiewiorski >> Art Director(s): Klubnikin

Sant Agata Bolognese!

This is the second campaign for Lamborghini that attempts to showcase the sights, sounds, behaviour and attitude of Sant Agata Bolognese, the place/town where the brand 'Lamborghini' was born. This campaign won at the Epica Awards very recently.
Agency: Philipp und Keuntje, Denmark >> Creative Director(s): Diether Kerner >> Copywriter(s): Oliver Ramm >> Art Director(s): Johannes Hofmann >> Photographer(s): Juergen Berderow

Volvo Eco Friendly Cars!

Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors >> Creative Director(s): Interactive Creative Director: Mathias Appelblad >> Copywriter(s): Jacob Nelson >> Art Director(s): Johan Eghammer, Mikko Timonen >> Photographer(s): Lasse Kärkääinen >> Other(s): Account Supervisor: Meta Ågren/Account Executive: Annica Lagergren >> Advertiser's Supervisor: Bengt Junemo, Björn Jutendahl

The Stena Line Boat Ride!

A cute campaign for Stena Line, a travel company that offers free travel for grown ups when they travel with their kids!! Surprising offer, considering the fact that the kids generally travel free of cost. The campaign that recently won an Epica Award was created by DDB, Oslo.

Maison De La France!

OBJECTIVE: Ticket sales for main Paris museums over the Internet.

CAMPAIGN: It is comprised of 4 originals. Each one expresses the idea that, thanks to the facilities offered by Maison de la France to buy museum tickets over the Web, Spain and France are brought closer to each other.

EXECUTION:To illustrate the concept of proximity between France and Spain, each original combines two works of art, one by a Spanish master and the other by a French master, into just one painting.

Creative Director(s): Gustavo Montoro/ Jose Sánchez - Colomer >> Copywriter(s): Carolina Cardona >> Art Director(s): Jaime Sánchez >> Other(s): Artefacto Visual

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Taylor Lane Typography!

From all the different elements of Graphic Design, if there's been one single aspect that stunningly fascinating and extremely good to look at and create, TYPOGRAPHY it must be! I've always been amazed at how some of the finest and most awesome looking work is possible with words and letters and them alone. Whoever said that advertising works best with a visual still hasn't seen these. Simply fantastic stuff. Absolutely mind blowing, I must admit!

How do you reach lots of agency creatives when you've got a tiny budget? Put your message on something they stare at all day long: the wall. This makeover of the traditional 'studio pin-up' calendar not only demonstrated Taylor Lane's expertise in typography, it also acted as a perpetual reminder of them throughout 2005 while refreshing itself every month. It was controversial; it provoked comment and created a 25% increase in turnover from existing and new clients.
Agency: LIDA, Great Britain >> Credits: Creative Director(s): David Harris >> Copywriter(s): Peter West >> Art Director(s): David Harris >> Photographer(s): N/A >> Illustrator(s): N/A >> Other(s): Typographers: David Harris; Justin Shill; Stuart Addy; Jan Hansen

The BIC Writing Experience!

A campaign for BIC Pens. A writing experience so good that you'll take a long time even when you need to communicate an emergency situation. The campaign is an Epica Bronze Winner and wwas created by Jung Von Matt.
Credits: Creative Director(s): Mathias Stiller, Wolfgang Schneider >> Copywriter(s): Michael Haeussler >> Art Director(s): Michael Janke >> Photographer(s): Daniel Zoubek >> Other(s): Account Supervisor: Frank Lotze, Frauke Schmidt, Henning Gerstner

Atelier Straumann Retouching Studio!

A campaign for a re-touching studio called Atelier Straumann in Denmark. The campaign has a really funny take on what the employees do after working hours. Winner of an Epica very recently.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Don Giovanni by Mozart!

Hansel + Gretel From Hamburg!

Agency: Scholz & Friends, Hamburg >> Creative Director(s): Marcus Korell, André Klein >> Art Director(s): Carolin Rathgeber >> Illustrator(s): Insect, London >> Other(s): Graphic: Mareike Ledeboer >> Post Production: Metagate GmbH, Hamburg >> Account Executives: Alexander Yazdi, Alexander Ewert, Meike Boesche

JEEP:: Adventure is Everywhere!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Lavazza - Express Yourself!

Surrealism & some nice photography or photoshop rather make this campaign for Lavazza Coffee an interesting one. I don't really know if there is an idea here because I can't really see one! The campaign did win an Epica Award for its photography though. Is there an idea here??

White BY Diesel!