Monday, November 21, 2005

Bizzare Advertising by BBDO!

Product: Bookstore / Retail Services
Headline: words take you closer.
Agency: BBDO Singapore
Country: Singapore

Just came across this bizzare campaign for a bookstore done by BBDO Singapore. The visuals in the ads seem to give me a perspective of looking at the story of each book from the readers point of view in an interesting and strange kind of way. The headline that reads "words take you closer" and the visuals of the readers perspective from the eyes, mouth and nose are a kind of psychotic combination of expression. Maybe I am entirely wrong in interpreting the idea itself. Do any of you seem to understand this campaign any differently?


B said...

It doesn't seem to be so much from the readers' perspective. The words are giving the readers the ability to step inside the mind of the characters in the story thereby immersing themselves in a sensory experience.

Anonymous said...

The first one is from inside the chamber of a gun, the second is from the inside of a womans mouth and the third one is from behind the mask of jason. I think the concept and execution is brilliant, except for maybe the last one where it gets a bit vague. I realised it was jasons mask 'cause id just seen a trailer for Jason X on tv minutes before seeing this here.. :)