Monday, November 21, 2005

David, Goliath & Other Stories!

This morning I came across a post on agencyfaqs about David and their new hoarding on Marshalls Road. I saw the creative almost 2 weeks back and I simply loved it that very moment. I like the fact that someone is fearless and forthcoming about speaking their mind (those who know Melvin better must know what I'm talking about) without worrying about all the red tape that goes on in advertising circles and huge global corporations, especially after what happened to Mr. Neil French in Singapore. (Not that I think he was right in any way!)

But this is so typically the David Philosphy of grabbing the giant by its balls. Great stuff, Melvin Dude, you just rock...keep up the great stuff and I'm really glad you have the balls to make it happen. Goliath Bashing has never been more exciting!

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