Thursday, November 24, 2005

The greatest ideas are the simplest ones!

Product: Household Articles
Client: Pattex Glue
Agency: Unknown
Headline: Pattex Extreme. Glues everything.
Country: Unknown

I simply loved this campaign the moment I saw it. going back to the arguement I still think it had to be just one ad because it is a great idea and had to be a one-off. Anyways, it still is extremely simple yet absolutely effective in conveying a message. Does anybody know which agency did this campaign?


Anonymous said...

unfortunately it's one of the first thoughts you have on extreme strong glue, everybody could have done this, i don't think it's pretty smart - it also feels seen before.
a really great glue campaign is patex since 1842 (or something - check it out of you can find it, that's a really fresh one (here you go:

Anonymous said...

The problem I have with this ad is that all they did was turn the image upside down. if they really wante dto convey the message of the pieces of furniture being stuck to the ceiling they would have photoshopped them in to make it look that way. To me it looks like a room that is shown upside down. not very creative in my opinion. Should have gone further with it!