Thursday, November 24, 2005

Is this really a big idea??

What is common behind all the four above ideas? Everything! I wonder how many more examples of mindlessly blowing a product into a larger-than-life size and putting it up on display somewhere should count as a big idea! Across continents many companies are trying this and it makes no sense to me.

Now if you want to really talk about what does make sense...look at the other examples below. Each of the following ideas are based on some intrinsic property of the product that has been identified and brought out in an interesting manner to grab attention. The difference is out here for you to decide...

I have more examples but there's always another time and another place! ;)

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MeĆ¢„¢ said...

Wow.. looks like you got the 'creative' in you. Point nicely made just through pics.. Bravo Bravo!!