Tuesday, November 29, 2005

It's a really BIIIIIIG Burger!

Category: Fast Food/Restaurants
Client: Pow Wow Bar & Restaurant
Agency: KesselsKrammer (Assumed)
Country: Germany (Assumed)

This is an old campaign (2 years ago, I think!) done by KesselsKrammer, a german advertising agency run by 2 guys kessels and krammer. I have shown this campaign to lots of my friends and some of them think it's putting off while some others love it for its fantastic expressions and the whole idea of showing a big burger in such an interesting way. I like it a lot, the art just takes me by surprise and the visual is one that I shall remember for a long long time...


cranix said...

Actually, it's Jung von Matt, from Hamburg. Also, KesselsKrammer is from Amsterdam (Netherlands), not Germany. Brilliant ad though.

Anonymous said...

great arresting visuals