Thursday, November 17, 2005

Sleeping Beauty by the Street!

Product: Singles/Dating Portal
Headline: "Don't wait for the love of your life. Meet him on"
Agency: Unknown
Country: Barcelona, Spain

When I think of creatives that go beyond the traditional medium like a print ad, an outdoor hoarding or a television commercial, I think this is a sparkling example of such an idea. I step out for lunch or I'm trotting back home thinking of something totally irrelevant and I see something like this.

Now while a traditional form of advertising would interfere with the thought of my jolly day or moment, something like this would grab me by the collar and keep me intrigued in an interesting way. Think about it, it grabs my attention without saying "I AM AN AD" and that's the kind of work that we need to see more often. Advertising that does not behave like advertising !

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B said...

Amen to that. I love to see creative uses of other media.