Friday, December 02, 2005


Category: Fashion
Agency: Fish Eye, Bangalore
Headline: Various
Client: SF Jeans
Country: India

I think all the work done for SF is a kind of a revelation to the Indian Fashion Industry. In each and every single piece of communication from this brand, I see a sense of attitude. It moves far away from talking about the product, its great material, the confidence it brings along, the fact that it can attract women, the pricing or anything else that we so commonly see on Indian Fashion Advertising.

Instead it tries to sell me an attitude. Nobody buys Nike today because it's a great shoe. We buy it because of the attitude it sells! Similarly, most SFAds make me feel a part of their own philosophy of "BE GAME" for anything that comes your way. I so badly wish I had written any of these ads. They are just so amazing if you try and understand the kind of attitude they bring along. Superb!


Die Muräne said...

yeah, you bring it to the point.

Anonymous said...

i really like the writing - a fashion product, like this, almost ask for such a copy-driven campaign