Thursday, December 01, 2005

Four Fresh Creatives

I found these 4 ads via Hidden Persuader. I am quite confused about the language used in the first ad done by a German Agency named KNSK Werbeagenteur! Is there a word called "Drunks". I'm not sure but even otherwise, what is this ad trying to tell me? That this is a newspaper that tells me the truth every morning? If that is the case then, the next sub-headline "Know what's going to be important" is irrelevant, I think. Honestly speaking, weird ad this one!


The second ad is for PS2 and was done by TBWA, Paris. It definetely lives up to the Bizzare value of all the other PS2 ads done so far. An octopus preparing itself for the winter games...well, what can I say about that!


The third ad for Kit Kat was done by JWT, Italy. It shows the ghost taking a break and hiding under the sheets. I still don't think it's great or anything but should bring a smile on a face or two.


The fourth and last ad for Toyota Hilux and was done by Saatchi & Saatchi. The metaphot for showing how tough a car the hilux is when it is used instead of an iron ball to demolish a building...not excited with this one either...


1.618 said...

1. It seems that the newspaper will decide what is important...

Anonymous said...

As for the "children and drunks" ad, yes, "drunks" is a word. It means, well, drunks. As in boozers. Problem drinkers. Alcoholics. I like the ad, with one caveat: sometimes you DO find drunks on your desk in the morning.
They're called copywriters. (No evil comments, please. I'm a copywriter too. Just stating the truth.)

Kapil said...

2. The kit-kat ad was quite boring and not what a JWT was expected to do.