Thursday, December 01, 2005

Game Anyone?

Category: Entertainment
Client: Playstation
Headline: None
Agency: TBWA
Country: Unknown

Some people think these ads are cool, some other think they are morbid and grose. Some others love them for their irreverent attitude. I think they are bizzare but then i really don't know if this is the attitude required to sell a game to kids! And even otherwise, India really does not have a big PS2 market as of now, so I can't be completely sure of how to judge this campaign even though it picked up a Cannes Lion in 2005.


Nallavan said...

they seem pretty gross 2 me

Thinks Heyz said...

I am pretty sure than the copywriters who work on ps2 are never allowed to be sober. they smoke pot 4 times a day.

Anonymous said...

ok, i don't like these ads, but the point is playstation is positioned as a console for "adults" (older young people, not kids) - that's what makes playstation different and it totally communicates in that campaign

Anonymous said...

hate these ads.