Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Motorola in Milan

Now this is something you dont see quite often. Atleast not in my part of the world. Regione Lombardia rented for € 50,000 the face of the Pirelli Skyscraper to Motorola, who used it to deliver the biggest ad ever featured on a Skyscraper.

The ad, projected on a 4,000 sq. meter surface by 15 Stark projectors, enlighted the surface of the famous skyscraper for some nights (since Nov. 29th) and featured the new stylish cellphone just launched in Italy by Motorola. The light design is from Paolo Buroni, who cut the phone image in 15 parts and reproduced them on the face of the Pirelli Building. Stunning but true!



Pallavi Sureka said...


Tata Indicom did something similar in Kolkata when they were launched here.

There is this building on the By pass which is one of the most renouned building on that stretch. The Tata Indicom logo or outdoor ad was displayed.

That also was cool but this one's amazing.

copyking said...

Visual pollution taken to the ultimate degree