Saturday, December 03, 2005

Space in a S P A C I O.

Category: Automobiles
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi
Client: Toyota
Headline: None
Country: Singapore
I don't understand this campaign entirely. Are they trying to suggest that the SPACIO is a car that has things neatly aranged so that there is a lot of space around the seats. Or is the campaign just trying to tell me that everything is organised in a SPACIO. If it is about suggesting just space, then why not have the seats in vast acres of open land or in the middle of a desert. (maybe they did not do that because it is a force fit that one would never find seats in a desert!). Does anybody have a better explanation of this campaign from Saatchi, Singapore??


Neodawn said...

The message, the comfort of your home in your car, is clearly conveyed.

The ambience of home may have been used to familiarize the audience. Not many would have been to a lush green field or a desert.

Anonymous said...

6 seater with comfort, but unfortunately kind of seen before