Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Stuck to great ideas!

Great ideas do not get better than this one. Absolutely amazing. Creatives from Ogilvy know the meaning of great work, don't they?!


Anonymous said...

it's for fucking glue. get over it. this is a shitty ad school ad, not to mention assignment. ogilvy middle-of-no-where needs to move on to bigger and better clients. it's an embarassment to the ogilvy name.

cipher said...

Hey! Are you actually trying to say that this is a bad ad? I don't think so! But then, to each his own. About moving on to bigger clients, well...every client is only as big as you make them to be. Fevicol has always done some of the best ads in this country and Ogilvy has always created stupendous advertising on it. Ask any one to mention the name of a glue brand - the first answer will mostly be Fevicol. These guys rock. Come on, admit it!