Friday, December 09, 2005

Wassup in the Loo??

Category: Health Services
Client: NatureCare
Agency: Mudra Delhi
Country: India

Recent reports from an Advertising Industry Magazine "Impact" tell me that Mudra has been nominated for atleast 3 categories in THE ONE SHOW 2005! Now that's great news. They have been nominated for a brand of Aphrodisiac and I shall post a few of the creatives here soon.

Moving back, this is a print campaign by Mudra Delhi for a Laxative Brand called NatureCare. Intresting play on the wide range of activities that a person indulges while in the loo! It made me think and I generally do a lot of my creative thinking surprising as it may seem. :)

1 comment:

Pallavi Sureka said...

Yeah...great idea, executed well also.

But I think it could get better if the cigarette would have been a full smoked one rather than almost a not smoked new one.

Just a thought..