Monday, January 23, 2006

The Brand New Logo Saga!

It looks like it is the season of logos and brand identities. Recently across the globe Intel unveiled its new swish logo as it is being popularly called after trashing the pretty famous Intel Inside Logo.
And Kodak also dumped its traditonal logo and has opted for a no frills nor anything to say logo. In both cases, I like the older Intel and the older Kodak. The leap ahead as a baseline seems like yet another of those convoluted baselines that tech firms seem to come up with time and time again.
Closer home, LML today unveiled its new logo and brand identity. The logo was designed by Vyas Gianetti Communications in Mumbai. Indian Airlines also went in for a revamp and is now called "Indian". The logo was inspired from the Ashoka Chakra. I don't really have too much to compalin and I think its a decent effort from the brand to move ahed and raise its overall image in this era of growing competiton from every other airline service.
But the logo that seems to have made the loudest noise all over seems to be the pink from hutch. I have heard mixed reactions to this one.
Some of them calling for a end the pug that has been overused and has eventually lost its charm and some others for the use of an unconventional colour like Pink. Maybe Hutch should have tried the color pink in Japan. Pink is considered a colour of Machoism there!
My take on the Hutch Pink is the fact that it will work well for Hutchison. It cuts clutter, questions conventions, is attractive and hard to miss and also makes a statement without looking cheap or tacky. Anybody think anything more??

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Thinks Heyz said...

1) I think the new Kodak logo is boring.
2) Intel - well, why would you want to change a logo that is so popular? I have T shirt that has the Intel Inside logo only that intel is replaced by mental. Damn! I need to make a new T shirt now.
3) Indian - I like the idea behind calling it just India. But I miss the green colour that is part of our Tricolour. So I find it incomplete. What do you think?
4) Hutch - You made some good points there. What is remarkable is that they have managed a very smooth transition, and somehow the pink doesn't jar. But i still love Orange.
5) LML - boring.