Saturday, January 14, 2006

Durex Passion!

I have always believed that the greatest way to do an ad is to talk to the customer without telling him I am an ad. That whole point of talking to him when he's least expected to be spoken to. That kind of response is simply more memorable than advertising of any other kind. This Guerilla Camapign from McCann Erickson for Durex does exactly that. Can we have more stuff like this please!


killerqueen said...

I really beg to differ dude. With knobs, with ribs, with no taste at all... I'm getting bored with this pseudo media creativity BS. This is wrong, it's not funny and it's completely irrelevant. It's too far fetched for me.

(Take a look ath these beauties:
and (click on the first 'try me'))

Alexander Cha'ban said...

I'm sorry 'dude' but I'm not really agreeing with you there. I'm half of the team that made the second thing you're referering to. And I like this stuff. It's a very comic way of showing one of the qualities of the product. You have to be blind not to see that. ;-)