Thursday, January 26, 2006

A pair of Absolute Havaianas

This campaign has such lovely art direction that I'm convinced that it would compel me to buy a pair of these if I was a girl or a woman. I'm of the general opinion that advertising cannot sell products! An ad needs to convey the message that a certain product or service exists and it needs to bring a customer to the store to examine that product or make a call to enquire or any such action and the ad has done its job.
But a campaign like this actually goes a step ahead amd makes me decide that I will own one of these even before I know more about them! Maybe it is the art, maybe the product itself, maybe something else altogether. All said and done, the art here is stunning


arunchakkravarthy said...

aromatic and sensual.

Thinks Heyz said...

yeh! nice art work.

yaqui said...

AlmapBBDO (Brazil). Beautiful Art Direction. Impeccable.