Saturday, January 21, 2006

Rimmel 100% Waterproof Markers

yet again, all 3 visuals looking the same? anybody agree that this should have been a one-off ad? Seen one, seen them all!


Sal said...

I really want to, but I don't understand the ads at all. So the ink from the marker cannot be washed. What does that have to do with the washed residue marks? Someone please ease my ignorance.

Tony and/or Amy said...

To ease Sal's ignorance: The product is 100% waterprof mascara. Not marker (perhaps this is a cultural semantic quirk, or Sandeep simply made a mistake). So, look at the ads again. The windows resemble eyes - and wouldn't it be nice if they had this product. You'll want it, unless you want to be associated with said imagry.

And yes, it should have been a one off. No doubt somebody gave birth to this baby. He really loved it. But it had no legs. And the client had already signed the estimate for a thee ad campiagn.

The baby should have been sacrificed for a broader idea.