Tuesday, January 24, 2006

smile you're on a SAMSUNG!

I found this ad a little forced to start with. I know that lots of ad campaigns use aexxageration as a ploy but maybe I'm a little too sensitive when it comes to human lives coz' this one somehow lowers the importance of the situation, if you get what I mean! Firefighters = Heroes and a hero will always give up anything to save my life, sorry guys, this one is a little too exaggerated for my belief!


Anonymous said...

I agree 100%. This concept has been used - and overused - for a long time now. It's the old, "I'm so interested in product X that I'm ignoring the important thing happening right behind me." Wallpaper companies, carpet comapnies, etc. have used the same damn idea for years now. Somebody's been poaching from One Show annuals, me thinks.

Naresh said...

Awesome blog man!!!
Hey, actually, I am in a hostel so no access to the tube! My sourse is net and I am interested in advertising, so I blog about trends and ideas. Can u refer me 2 a site whr I can get some hoarding pics of advertisements?
Hv bn thinkin 4 a few days 2 blog abt ET If You Think, You Can! campaign, but hvnt bn able to, cos no pics :(
Do temme any resourceful site...

Thinks Heyz said...

This is what is funny in a stupid sort of way. People take their products too seriously and think others are going to aswell. A samsung phone or any product for that matter can not be more important than a house on fire. And its not an ad for a Sony Playstation - in which context brutal exaggeration still fits. I saw this ad somewhere long back and din think it was great.
On the same lines - i remember a Pepsi commercial. It had Shah Rukh play an Indian soldier. Now this guy SRK fights on the batlle field only so that he can go and pick up a can of Pepsi. I just don't find it funny.

cipher said...


Hey! I agree to what you say. It hurts me so much everytime I visit coloribus.com and see the number of ads that are just repeats and re-repeats of creatives that have won from previous award annuals. Sad state of affairs. Hope there is a raise in the bar soon!


Hi dude! Thanks for the encouragement. It's people like you who make this blog what it is! I shall try and source the ET campaign so that you can put it up on your blog too. And yes, you could find more such ads on the links provided at the links section of twenty-four! Cheers!

Thinks Heyz:

I totally agree and relate to what you mean. Advertising has to think about moral and social responsibilty too. I guess any ad that erodes ethical and moral values is bound to evoke this sort of disonance no matter how great a product is.


Lyle Shemer said...

I'm not sure this is the old "the product is so interesting, I'm ignoring the amazing thing happening behind me" trick. It seems to be more about the 'tremendous privilege' of being photographed with a Samsung; that is, it's such an honor, that everything else takes a back seat to being photographed with one of these gadgets...An exaggeration, no doubt. But it's well-done and iconoclastic, even if advertising has, on other occasions, shown firefighters not fighting the fire.

I'd award it a copper. (It is, after all, not quite bronze.)