Tuesday, January 24, 2006

TATA Dicor from Ogilvy!

Well, put your hands together! these guys have done it again. I clearly remember the first time I saw the TVC on the boob-tube, i had goosebumps. Somehow, the print does not evoke the same response from me.
And I also feel that the Dicor Print Campaign is extremely similar in its treatment to the SBI Campaign that was also done by Ogilvy during the same period.
I know that most advertising professionals would agree if I went to the extent of saying that the Dicor TVC was one among the best TVC's in the automotive sector last year. Cheers Ogilvy...you guys kick arse once again!


Thinks Heyz said...

I like the copy. but i guess its the layout and typography which reminds one of SBI.

Anonymous said...

amazing......i ws luking 4 dicor's print versions,but jus cudnt find them ...here they r
i agree of it being one of the best tv campaigns