Sunday, January 08, 2006

Upto 10 times bigger!

This Campaign for Victory Compact Binoculars has some really cool art effects. My only doubt was whether each of these frames were randomly generated or had to do with a certain sequence. For example a giraffe, a horse and marilyn manson have no co-relation to each other. Unless I'm missing out on something more important out here.


KillerQueen said...

Well, it's rather simple: All of the portrayed subjects are 'gracious' or in Marilyns case 'thin'. Have you ever seen a fat giraf? Or big-assed horse in a jumping contest?

riddlemeister said...

nice blog. will return / re-return.

anyway about this ad, all the 3 subjects are what you commony see from faaar away using binocs-- a rocker as seen by a guy in the audience , a giraffe as spotted in from a safari, a jockey zoomed in from the stands in a racetrack.

Thinks Heyz said...

i'd go with riddlemiester, and yes ofcourse the other point of killerqueen is a valid point. nice art, but somehow it doesnt impress me much as an ad